Thursday, July 7, 2011

I **HATE** It, When "THEY" Do This!!!

DON'T MIND ME... I'm just a TAD Peeved at TPTB here at the BLOOG Site...

Don't You just LOVE it - WHEN - a Website that You've gotten USED to *doing* Things on, SUDDENLY **CHANGES** Their whole "INTERFACE"...? -- And NOT, for the Visually-Ergonomic better..?!!

oh! -- And, **ALWAYS** when You've got a MONSTER-STRIP-MINING-TRUCK-LOAD of STUFF TO *DO*!! -- Worse yet, when You're IN THE MIDDLE OF DOING IT!!!

...just saying...

BTW, the Download Time pretty much sucks, TOO!

So! "How" was YOUR Day?

Previously to the Afore-mentioned, Mine was doing alright... Gorgeous Weather. "Reasonable" Traffic. ON Time Scheduling - with a minor, but expectedHiccup. And, some really GREAT NEWS - that I'm NOT quite ready to Disclose as YET!

SORRY... But, I don't want to JINX IT!

Well... I've got a "busy" Day with FATHER, Tomorrow... And, CROCHETING to DO!


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