Wednesday, July 6, 2011


LIKE HIS OLDER BROTHER, I've *YET* to have the opportunity to *actually* MEET My Other *New* HANDSOME-Young-LAD-Pre-TWEEN "Step-Nephew"!


Just as I rolled out of Bed this Morning, I heard a Clap of Thunder in the Distance... Moments later, even from the depths of My Middle-of-the-Basement Bathroom, I could HEAR the DOWNPOUR! -- *FINALLY*, the MUCH needed RAIN to break Our Mini-Heatwave!

Then, there were 3 or 4 Leaky-Sky-Moments over the next 2 Hours... Which, THANKFULLY, *ended* just BEFORE I had to leave the House! However, it wasn't until a few Hours LATER, that the Cold Front moved in to strip away the Humidity. -- And, the REST of the Day was *Nice* - [..except perhaps for the FUR COAT's Boarding "Tuition"..] - and SUNNY!

Well... I have a Giant "LIME" SKEIN to "BALL-UP"...

IS it Me, or did That just sound like a *bad* YOU-TUBE "Plot"?!


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