Saturday, July 16, 2011



WOW! Hard to Believe that's it's *ONLY* been ONE YEAR since taking The Plummet into BLOOGDOM!

And, "HOW" *did* I Celebrate THIS Auspicious Occasion..? -- As IF You *really* have to disturb ANY Neurons over THAT Answer!!

[INSERT - Maniacal AUNTIE Laughter...]

I decided to "only" Buy 9-Packages... What CAN I Say..?!! - TOTAL "KARMA" at Work! - As These Puppies were NOT on the Shelf, Yesterday! And, THREE are of that *RARE* "BLACK"!!

-- oh... BTW, did I "mention" the $10. Points-Redeemed GIFT CARD, the 10% OFF
"Special" Coupon, AND the "Customer Appreciation" 10% OFF *Weekend Event*..?

NO..?! Well... You know, ZEN-Shopping! What *would* have COST Me $70., ended up at $47.56!!
-- ALL of that SAVING, it makes Me feel *not* so Guilty over Buying THIS Great FABRIC, Earlier... [BELOW]

The Bolt Markings were a bit vague... IT's either 100% COTTON, or is a LINEN Mix..? -- WHATEVER, IT *FEELS* Fabulously SOFT!! And, I think IT's also a MATELASSE..? Needless to Say, at ONLY $3. per Meter, I was NOT going to Pass IT Up!! -- Got 2.5M!

I have absolutely NO Idea on WHAT I'm going to DO with IT... Nor, do I especially "care", either! I just WANTED IT! -- Would make a great Duvet Cover... AND, I *DO* have YARN to Match!!

Meanwhile... YARD SALES were Few and "Lacking"... At least, FOR Me, anyway!

We stopped by the SALLY ANN... I came across THIS - [LEFT] - rather Fascinating ART BOOK by LUIS ROMERO for under $3. on SALVADOR DALI.

[ISBN 089009229X]


Anyhoo... IT was stashed in the "Picture Frame" BIN, all by ITS Lonesome, rather than IN the Book Section... And then, I came across The Page with THIS! - [BELOW] - Like I'm "not" going to Purchase IT Now! - D'uh!

As for the REST of The DAY... I'm surprised that I haven't turned into a NIGHTLIGHT! -- I'm certain the Humidex was hitting 35C-plus, and that the UV was through the Roof!

SO! The FIRST "ORDER of BUSINESS" for THE BLOOG - Year Two... **VEG**!!


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  1. I await your second year with bated breath!!hehe hugs tinkx


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