Thursday, July 21, 2011

IT's Sooo **HOT** Today...


The TOP TEMP of the Day BUBBLED up to 36C [96.8F] with a Humidex of 47C [116.6F]!! -- Even HOOK HAVEN wasn't as Refreshing as IT usually is...

AND, of course, there was "SOMEPLACE" that I just HAD to be AT *during* this particular Peak-Period! -- THANKFULLY, That Location had GREAT A/C!! -- Which, made getting BACK into The BARBEQUE MOBILE a definite Chore!

Anyway... IT "all" wouldn't be so BAD - IF, I could only be THERE!! - [BELOW]

I'm even *almost* wishing that I was BACK to Doing THIS!!

"ALMOST"... I think My Brain is MELTING too... ah! Careful! The Floor's a little sticky...


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