Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm Going To Need *More* WALL SPACE...


It's Difficult trying to go against GENETICS! -- What with Actual "ARTISTS" on MOTHER'S Side. And, an Avid Art-ACQUIRER on FATHER'S - He remembers His Paternal-Grandfather as always buying LARGE Paintings and Sculptures! -- I seriously WISH, that I KNEW "What" Great-Granddad had, AND **WHERE** IT all IS, Now!!

Anyway... I'm still building *MY* "ARTSY" Collections! -- My Primary Focus has been on RHINO ART
- which mostly consists of "Prints", Numbered Lithos, and the occasional Original Piece... Otherwise, of Late, I've been assembling an Assortment of Unknown-Not-So-Famous-And-Never-Will-Be-Yet-Still-Quite-Gifted-ARTISANS. With a rather STRONG leaning toward NAUTICAL-Type WORKS...

I'm just a SEASIDE-SHIPPY kind of Girl!

Who, also, LOVES a Great BARGAIN! Hence, My growing "Gallery" of Small-Sized OILS for UNDER $10. Each - actuallyMOST have been under $5.!!

...As in, THIS ONE! - [ABOVE] - For LESS than $3.! -- We were over at The SALLY-ANN, Today.. [The few YARDS SALES going on were NOT "worth" mentioning!]

Found IT sitting atop a Box of Cheapy Frames... Probably, because IT too, has a REALLY Crappy-Looking Frame!! But, the [8x10"] Canvas appears to be well-mounted, so it shouldn't be too troublesome to Switch IT out...

Meanwhile... I also came across THIS - [BELOW] - NEEDLEPOINT CANVAS [18x24"] for a Dollar! - Not quite My Scenic-Subject-Matter-of-Choice... However, finding Good Quality Canvas at an Affordable Price is not so often. And, I can always do up some Other "Picture" on IT! -- I have PLENTY of Yard-Sale THREAD...

Nearby the Canvas - [for another Dollar] - was THIS - [BELOW] - 18" Strip of FABRIC... Although IT didn't "Say", I'm fairly certain that IT's LINEN! -- The Colours are also much Richer than what's showing Here. The Background is somewhat more OLIVE and the "RED" more "RUST' in Tone. The Texture is very SOFT!

And then, there's THIS cute little 3-Inch-and-a-bit BLUE & WHITE CREAMER from PORTUGAL - for, YES, another Dollar!

However, NOT *ALL* is Terrific in THRIFTY-TERRITORY... For $5., I picked up a bunch of "RACK" Pieces.
They were of a Heavy "Wire" Metal in
Cobalt BLUE - I thought IT would make for an Interesting "Display" Piece to use on My Craft Show Tables..?

AFTER spending waay too much Time TRYING to FIGURE IT OUT - [and I'm usually pretty good at this sort of thing..] - I've concluded  that HOW EVER IT's suppose to be "Assembled", SOMETHING is definitely MISSING!! -- I'm going to try to Return IT Later... OR, use the Parts as TRIVETS..?!!


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