Friday, July 15, 2011

DAY **365** of "DAILY" Posting!!

YAY!! *I* DID IT!! -- WOOHOO!!

So..? Has IT been *GOOD* for YOU?

well... Another HOT, Drive, **WAIT**, HOT, Traffic, HOT, Wait, Drive, HOT, HOT, Drive, SHOP, *HOT*, TRAFFIC, Shop, HOT, HOT, *MUST*-VEG-WITH-JUNKFOOD kind of Day! -- I had to Wait so long at "one" Place, that I managed to actually get *another* Little Basket DONE!

And then, it was an Evening of "Paperwork"...

YES. I and My Trusty HOOKS lead an *EXCITING* Adventure-Filled LIFE, eh?!

HERE. Let Me Introduce You to The HOOKsters!

BFF on the LEFT is My #1 "Baby"! - A "DISC" from ENGLAND. -- I prefer that Brand, although I do have Several AEROs... ALL are Metal - hate using Plastic!

Anyhoo, there are a LOT of YEARS and MILEAGE - [YARNage and YARDage!] - on These BABIES! With *many* MORE to GO!! -- NOW, if I could only Teach THEM "how" to Type...

BUT.. then, THEY'd **WANT** a "CRAFT BOOK-DEAL"..!! Or, even THEIR own BLOOG!!?!
-- Soooo **NOT** Happening!!


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  1. Love your daily mutterings dear always hugs tinkx


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