Thursday, July 14, 2011


I FINALLY "FOUND OUT" *HOW* to get BACK - [SEE 07JUL2011 POST] - My Old BLOOG Interface!! WOOHOO!!

I suppose, Today could be considered as being a "PERFECT" SUMMER DAY -- Hot, but not TOO HOT. Sunny, but not *too* SUNNY. Actually, FATHER was quite Enthralled by the array of White-Puffy-Oooo!-Shiny-Object!-CLOUDS as We went to an Appointment... Personally, I was somewhat
*more* "pre-occupied" with the OMG!-Did-Someone-*Actually*-Signal-Their-Lane-Change?-TRAFFIC...

Of course, PERFECTION only lasts for "so" long. As, it did get HOTTER later on... IN The CAR... And then, I had Errands to DO... LAUNDRY... LOTTERIES to WIN! - Another $7.! WooHoo!! - *STUFF* to MAKE...

[11x11x6cm - LIME]


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