Sunday, July 10, 2011

I *Really* SHOULD Be Doing "Something" USEFUL...


hmm... SUNDAY. "Laundry Day"... yeah.. Those IVORY Cargo-Capri PANTS ought to be done...

BTW... A "Correction"... Yesterday's "WALL-VENT GRATE" - at least That's *what* Slightly-Older-Yard-Sale-GUY "said" IT was! -- Well, it appears that *MY* original "Identification" was more ACCURATE!

IT IS a "FIREPLACE" GRATE! -- And, I just FOUND an almost Matching One on EBAY! - [BELOW LEFT] - That's in HORRID Condition and going for $195.!!?

However, That ONE actually has Foundry Marks - "... JACKSON & SON" - "NEW YORK" - Mine *doesn't*! - [ABOVE RIGHT] - Which, may mean Nothing... Or, suggest that IT could be a Reproduction..? -- It's difficult to Say really... Although, IT does feel a tad "Lighter" than I would have imagined Cast-Iron to be. More like Steel...??

Whatever, IT's still OLD enough. Looks GREAT! And, The PRICE was RIGHT!!

At any rate, at least I have MORE Info on IT! As well as, learned "something" about The Design that I hadn't really Noticed before, that makes IT even *more* COOL!

There are *GRIFFINS*!! -- The "Heads" are just below the Medallion...

Oooo... Just soooo wickedly STREAMPUNK-GOTHY!!


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