Tuesday, July 26, 2011


IT'S *THAT* TIME OF YEAR, once more, - [SEE 26JUL2010 POST] - when I'm *wishing* that I was back in HAWAII again, to *ASSIST* My Dear, "Older" BFF in CELEBRATING Her SPECIAL DAY! -- And, to be sure, the "Backdrop" of *PARADISE* sure wouldn't Hurt, either!!

Okay. SO. Other than MAJOR-M getting a few more Grey-Hairs, it was just *another* Boring-Day-In-The-Neighbourhood...

I think the Biggest "THRILL" was getting that NUTELLA-on-Toast FOOD SAMPLE at COSTCO!
-- Oh! AND, *using* that FREE GIFT CARD They had sent Me! ...I bought a Couple of 3/4-Sleeve TOPS...

Exciting, huh? -- And, HEY, let's NOT Forget that Load of Laundry?! - GOOD TIMES! *Good* Times!

Receipt of a new Decor Mag also wasn't so bad... Although, the Reprieve of COOLer TEMPS and odd bits of RAIN, scored rather High-Up as well....


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