Tuesday, July 12, 2011



I believe that I've mentioned before about the high number of "Double" Birthdays and Anniversaries, etc. in Our "FAMILY"... -- Well, TODAY is One of *THOSE* Days!

FIRST - My Longest and DEAREST *BFF* - SISTER-S! -- I sooo MISS HER!!

As well as, My Youngest "Blood" Nephew - THE GODSON! - [Youngest Son of My Brother SGT.DOC]

...BTW, Today is *also* His only "Maternal-Side" Cousin's Birthday! And, when You consider that His Older Brother and Their Father share the SAME DAY, with Their Mom's Birthday being on the Next Day... There's really NOT a whole lot of "Significant-Temporal-Event-Cerebral-Retention" happening on that particular Branch of the FAMILY TREE!

Sooo... A *RERUN* of Yesterday's TEMPS! -- You know, I did have "PLANS" on doing a Few Errands, earlier on. However, FATHER had OTHER Last-Minute-Adventures in Mind... And, well, IT IS *His* CAR...

Although, IF I had Known that My Late-Afternoon Appointment was going to be CANCELLED - [..just *before* I was about to Leave!] - I would have taken care of Things upon His Return.

BUT, then again, I would have "missed out" on ALL of the NON-FUN Time spent on My Misbehaving-Computer-Software! -- It's "mostly" sorted out Now... I hope! - I think..? WhatEVER...

OH! I *did* get at least TWO *GOOD* Pieces of Expected MAIL! [WOOHOO!!]

Meanwhile... I *should* GET to Bed "Early" Tonight - there's a Mall SIDEWALK SALE Tomorrow that MOTHER has a "NEED" to Attend! And, We only have a "Window" of Schedule-Time to DO it IN!



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