Monday, July 18, 2011

Sooo... Apparently...

THAT *SPOT* of PRECIPITATION and WIND Last Evening, did *quite* a BIT of DAMAGE to numerous Sections of Town!! -- NOT around HERE though!

Power Outages all over... The MAIN STAGE at the OTTAWA BLUESFEST *COLLAPSED*!! -- Just AFTER a Band had gone OFF-Stage! Scattered TREE Damage...

Whilst out Driving earlier, one of the main Roads I was on, had the Traffic-Lights OUT at two Intersections in a row. And further down, a huge Tree Limb near a School looked like it might have been Lightning-Struck!

Meanwhile, the TEMPS were dialed DOWN a notch! Slightly... *Very* slightly... And, "Word" now IS, that it's supposed to be even HOTTER Later in the Week!! -- I'm going to have to Stock-UP on *COOL*-BASEMENT "Junk" FOOD!

And THIS Type of Weather, is "WHY" I *only* work with COTTON Yarn!! -- I've been PLAYING with that New TEAL-SHINE Yarn for *most* of the Day... IT Looks *much* COOLER in Daylight!


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