Monday, July 11, 2011

I *Thought* It Was...

A TAD ON THE **MUGGY** SIDE... hmm... 29C [84F] with the HUMIDEX at 38C [100F] will DO That!!

AND, make My HAIR *Look* GREAT!! -- Really! Humidity makes My Tresses LOOK and FEEL Fabulous! My Multi-Generational-SPLIT-ENDS just want to CURL UP and *Party*!!

Anyhoo... A slooow Day... TRAFFIC was on "light" side when I went Out. TEMPS were *Staggering*!
Had a bit of RAIN and THUNDER in the Early Evening to COOL Stuff down... Stayed in My "HOOK
HAVEN" to Read, do some "Hooking", VEG...

-- YOU Thought I'd call IT "The CROCHET CAVE", didn't You??!! - [HEHE!! Made You GUESS!]

Well. I'm going to go BACK at *IT*! Have a *busy* Schedule for The Afternoon..? maybe..?
"Depends" on THE MAIL! Not mention, a LOT of BIRTHDAYS! -- Come Back HERE Tomorrow to Find Out WHOSE!


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