Monday, July 25, 2011

The "Costs" of FREE Stuff...

COSTCO sent Me a FREE-Out-of-the-Blue-Gee-Wasn't-THAT-Nice-of-Them-So-I-Just-*KNOW*-Something-Pain-In-The-A$$ets-Will-Probably-Happen-Now-$10.-GIFT-CARD!!


Well... Apparently, THEY "believe" that the Milk I bought - [They never did mention on WHICH Date] - *may* NOT have been AS Fresh as IT was supposed to be...??

I'm thinking, with all of this 95F-plus Temps for the last 3 Weeks, that "Some" Savvy-Challenged-Shopper Neglected to CHECK the DATE on Their Dairy Purchase, and had IT in Their Barbecue-Mobile for several HOURS - [and, *NOT* IN A **COOLER**!!] - whilst They did Their "Weekly" Grocery-Getting. Then, b*tched about IT having gone BAD...?

Regardless as to whether THIS is The Case...

PEOPLE! - GET. A. **CLUE**!! - ALWAYS bring a COOLER, *WITH* ICE, in Your Vehicle WHEN shopping for Groceries in WARM WEATHER! **ESPECIALLY** if You are buying FROZEN / PERISHABLE Goods!

-- And People *wonder* WHY They get Food-Poisoning or E. COLI! ...d'uh!

Hell! We carry Iced-Coolers while doing Groceries in the WINTER when it's -20!

Whatever... The CARD was a Pleasant Surprise!

Of course, THAT "Moment" only lasted for *so* long... The almost 2-Hour WAIT I had at "Some" Thingy I was at Later in the Day, pretty much quashed the Novelty away! -- However, I did bring My Yarn, just in case... Got THIS far -


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