Wednesday, July 13, 2011

TAG!! You're WET!

IT WASN'T UNTIL, the Late-Afternoon that The SUN managed to *stay* OUT, and chase 

MOTHER and I went to check out the SIDEWALK SALE over at the ST.LAURENT Shopping Mall, earlier in the Day. -- Two Hours "Later", and ALL We got were some Scrapbooking Sheets for Her and a SEARS Sale-Sweater for Me... Afterward, a Stop at a Nearby Grocery Store.

Meanwhile... DARK, Nasty CLOUDS were Threatening overhead! -- MOMENTS after Our Return HOME, The SKIES *OPENED* UP!!

THAT lasted for over an Hour, right up to the Time, that FATHER and I, had to BE going "Some" Place... Once We'd finished, it was SUNNY OUT - HOWEVER - there was this Ginormous-Black-Evil-I-Just-*KNOW*-IT-Wants-To-GET-Me-WET CLOUD *covering* WHERE We were headed...

Yeah. It RAINED again, a little - AFTER - We got Inside. And, that was the LAST of IT! -- BUT! Just in case... I made a Few WASHCLOTHS!


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