Tuesday, July 19, 2011

OH! Hey. *Remind Me!

...I *HAVE* TO WASH SOCKS!! **Tonight**!!

So.. It's DAY "WHATEVER.." - I've lost count! - of *SIZZLE-GEDDON*! -- Actually, I shouldn't really "complain", as Today WAS a teeny bit *cooler* than most of the past few Days. Less Humidity. sorta...

HOWEVER, "Predictions" are for even HIGHER Temps by Week's End!! And, no doubt, another STORM... Really. Who *NEEDS* a "FLORIDA VACATION"?

Yeah. O-kay... sure... It's a tad "Beach-Challenged" in These Parts - I'll ADMIT! -- Although... AS Beaches go - [in MY Experiences], FLORIDIAN Ones are somewhat OVER-rated! And, the SURFING sucks! -- Give Me a HAWAIIAN - [or ANY South Pacific] - One **ANY** Time!!

...Balmy TRADEWINDS would be rather welcomed, too... Some shady Palms... A nice *cool* tasty Guava-Nectar [Mojito-Style!]...

DAMN! - Hold THAT Thought... have to go Hang My FOOTWEAR!!

I'm BACK! -- But, just for a Sec! The HOOKS want to go PLAY in the TEAL-SHINE...


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