Friday, July 8, 2011


GOT WORD that LITTLE PRINCESS BIG-RED can now say, "PAPA" - FATHER actually goes by
"OLD PAPA", but close enough!

Well, the Rain "Threat" held off until the Evening... Then, just enough Precipitation to break the Humidity. -- It was somewhat stifling in Traffic... And, other than *that* "Discomfort", Everythng Else went pretty much tickety-boo! ...For ONCE!

Meanwhile... MOST of My Night was SPENT on doing some MORE on THIS Blanket that I had STARTED in MAY. - [SEE 22MAY2011 Post] - I finally managed to GAGE how *much* YARN I had in that Skein of "MILKGLASS". To be sure, NOT as much as I would have Liked! Had to add in the IVORY and BUNNYBLU.

I should be Finished *THIS* Weekend...

I hope...?


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