Sunday, May 22, 2011

Measure "Twice", Crochet more than "Once"...

SOMETIMES... The *most* DIFFICULT Part of Creating one of My BLANKETS is "Planning" out the PATTERN in regards to how much YARN I will NEED of a Particular Colour when, I really DON'T
*know* how MUCH there actually IS! Especially, in the Case of Those FACTORY ENDS...

The CONTENTS of Each BAG are usually Uniquely Packaged - Skeins, variously-sized Balls, different Colours hidden WITHIN Others... The EASY Part - My "TENSION" is pretty well BANG on! So, once I get Started, I can usually "Eyeball" My Requirements.

The TRICK is in "Coming Up" with *Something* that - hopefully - Aesthetically BALANCES out in the End! -- MUCH "Undoing" is OFTEN "involved"!

I hope THIS ONE *works* out! -- BTW, *ignore* the Yellowish Tones!


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