Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sitting By the Fringe...


  • HAD to be UP *Early* - BTW, I am NOT a "MORNING PERSON"!
  • THEN, there was the MORNING TRAFFIC, which I usually never *ever* have to "deal" with! The Longest Part was just getting OUT of Our Neighbourhood!
  • Surprisingly, the *Threatening* Weather held OFF... I sooo did NOT want to Start My *DAY* with any *more* RAIN!
  • "Double Shock" - There was actually adequate Parking at Our Destination.
  • Hence, FATHER and I were a bit *Early* for His "Appointment".
  • Small Waiting Room. Noisy A/C Vent. Seats were better than Most, but not by much. FATHER has found the Morning PAPER to Read...
  • "THEY" are running about 20 Minutes BEHIND Schedule.
  • Less than 10 Minutes Later, "PART 1" is Complete! -- Now, We have under 3 Hours to
  • We PARK Ourselves out in one of the Nice-Larger-Waiting-AREAS. Much more Airy with Natural Lighting. COMFY Chairs!
  • I take out My CROCHETING. FATHER is working on being Bored...
  • Halfway through, He's ready to EAT His packed "Lunch". IN The CAR. Thankfully, the Rain is STILL holding off - a bit Gusty though...
  • BTW, CROCHETING *behind* The Wheel, NOT so "comfy".
  • Eventually... We go back to the Nice-Large-Waiting-Area until about 15 Minutes before We have to Return to Small-Waiting-Room.
  • "THEY" are NOW running a Half Hour LATE! -- Should have stayed in the Other Area longer.
  • FINALLY, "PART 2" is underway. I have the next 40 Minutes to get back to My Yarn!
  • Once DONE, FATHER couldn't get OUT fast enough! We were HOME by 2:00!

THEN, it was MY Turn for some ME-Time! I had a new TOILET SEAT that was in need of Purchasing... Not to mention, Losing Lottery Tickets... Some Junk Food... A chance to WALK around at *My* SPEED.

And NOW, The DAY is catching up to Me... Sleeping IN, Tomorrow! Perhaps get around to Flipping through Today's new MAG-in-the-MAIL...?!


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