Monday, May 23, 2011

They're He-re...


FINALLY!! After an almost
7-Month WAIT, We got to SEE The PRINCESSES Today!!

WOW!! THEY've *both* GROWN!

PRINCESS PRE-TEEN is a Whopping 5'4"! -- That's a good 3-Inches more than I had at Her AGE, and I had always been One of the Taller Kids...

And, LITTLE PRINCESS BIG-RED... She'll be 7 Months This Week and is already 28-Inches and about AS many POUNDS!! She weighs a TON!!

I just *know* that I'll be feeling it Tomorrow - She fell asleep in My Arms again... At least, *this*
Time, I didn't get PEED on!

Meanwhile, I started THIS - "GYPSY-MUFF" - just before THEY arrived, and have just Finished IT!

I forgot to Show PRINCESS PRE-TEEN This New YARN Colour when I gave Her some Other One. Apparently, She's branching out into KNITTING now... I'm GLAD that She's pursuing an Interest into the Yarny Arts, as Her Mother's Generation seems to have Skipped it!

-- I have to "Leave" My TROVE to Someone!


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