Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dental Cannibalism

WELL, that's what I call IT WHEN One *happens* to SWALLOW one of Their "Fillings"!!

A Stupid Thing happened during the Wee Hours just *after* I had POSTED Yesterday's ENTRY... I have these PINKsort of on the HARD side - Mint Candies, that I had a craving for at the Time.. So. There I was, happily chomping away as I was writing an E-MAIL to FAIRY-T, when My Tongue
"noticed" a *SPACE*...

Okay... THAT shouldn't be THERE! -- I grabbed a nearby little Mirror and Mini-Flashlight to have a "Look"... crap! -- The Lower Molar that's *anchoring* My Bridge is MISSING a good-sized Chunk of Tooth-Former-Filling-What's-Left-of-This-Year's-Dental-Coverage!!

The GOOD News - IT *doesn't* Hurt. No "active" Nerve exposure.

The DISTURBING News - The "Piece" ISN'T in My Mouth. I never FELT IT break off, which *means*... crap... I *SWALLOWED* IT with the Candy..?! eww!

The SLIGHTLY COMFORTING News - I already have a Scheduled Dental Appointment for Tomorrow.

The BAD News -
  • THURSDAY'S Forecast - It's suppose to REALLY RAIN and Thunder!
  • I'll be using The BUS.
  • That ROAD CONSTRUCTION outside The Office will be a Total Pain!
  • DOC-M will likely *not* be "happy" with Me... Then again, She *was* planning on Working on THAT TOOTH. *Now* She'll be ABLE to *see* what's really going on with IT!
  • I just *know* that THIS little PLAY-DATE is gonna COST Me!

ggrrrrrrrrrrr....stupid NEED to CHEW Food..!!


Check out some of Our Pretty Double-Blossom WHITE LILACS *while* They STILL are Pretty!

After the Week-Worth of RAIN that'll We'll likely have, These Guys won't be looking SO Perfect!


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