Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ooo..Was That *Almost* a Shadow..?

NAH.. Just the NON-Sunlight playing Whacky-Weather-Mind-Tricks again... It's gone now. Nevermind. It's just going to be *ANOTHER*. Grey. BORING. "Intermittent" Showers. Day... The Dandelions are LOVING it! -- oh, hey... There're *rumours* of THUNDER for Tomorrow - just to break The Trend up a Notch!

And, to "celebrate", SISTER and BIG-D will be Driving into Town! -- THEY're Here to Babysit The PRINCESSES, whilst THE MOM and Her Significant-Other, "TAP-MAN" are Out-of-Town. As well as, to Return The PUPPY to CPL. TAT-BABE.

Ah... *NEW* "Scripts" for the SOAP OPERA that IS Our Lives!!

-- don't ask... Ju-ust... look at the Cute Whiny Little PUPPY DOG...

Yeah. That's it... -- I've got HOOKS
to Feed..


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