Friday, May 27, 2011

Progeny Participation..

THE PRINCESSES were BACK again!! -- And, were THE only "Brightness" to another
Drizzly-Dreary Day!

Pre-arrival, I had to attend to a few Grocery Errands and Whatnot... THEY showed up *before* I had returned - I hate having to Park IN the Street. However, SISTER & BIG-D soon left to attend a [His Side] Family Function.

"AUNTIE" DUTY subsequently commenced!

MOST of which, comprised of being squished Together on the Small Sofa in FATHER's - "OLD PAPA" - TV Room as He "entertained" Us with Tales of His Childhood...

I truly do HOPE that PRINCESS PRE-TEEN *remembers* [as well as Appreciates] LATER in Her Life of These Times WITH Her GREAT-Grandfather! AND, GREAT-Grandmother!

Meanwhile, I managed to squeeze in MY *GREAT* AUNTIE-ness "Bonding" in too... Much Burping and Goofy Photography was involved! Also, some Crocheting was later included. LITTLE PRINCESS BIG-RED appeared to be quite fascinated with My Hooking... hmm... A FUTURE Student...?

*Great*-AUNTIE SHAN - The "Cool" and "Comfy" AUNT!


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