Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Temporal *Origami*!

"WHEN AM I..?"

Was what I was asking Myself, after spending an Hour or more of Experiencing the [cough!] JOYS of "SCHEDULING"!! -- Nothing says "PLANNING" like getting 46 Hours NOTICE on Something that You know was Coming for Weeks, but in REALITY, *could* still have done with a tad more
Lead-Time toward the Final DATE..!?

And then, there's the Part where OTHER Previous "Plans" have to be RE-scheduled... Thankfully, some Commitments are FLEXIBLE, however, some NOT so much. MeanWHILE, toss in a few Scenes from the Daily-Episodic "REALITY SHOW"... -- OH! And, let's *NOT* FORGET about The WEATHER!!

BTW, all of THIS is for just MAY!

Gonna have to MESH in My BUDGETARY "Itinerary" in there, too... UGH!

...My Calendar hurts... I *feel* a Definite NEED for ICE CREAM right NOW! ...Yeah.. That Bucket of CHOCOLATE-FUDGE-BROWNIE is *just* Screaming My Name!!

Can Ya HEAR IT?!? -- [..over the Mind-numbing cacophony of DRIPPING RAIN!?!]


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