Friday, May 20, 2011


AHH... Birthdays, Birthdays...Everywhere...

First off, SON-of-MOUNTIE-Jr. - the Youngest, now Teenaged Progeny of MOUNTIE-MAN-S and SISTER-S... I haven't seen Him in over 4 Years. No doubt that He's likely taller than Me by now!

And then, there's LA-VIVA-T! Another of My SciFi "FAN"-Friends! She lives in ITALY. -- A Place that I've never been to, but probably should... SOMEday!

Meanwhile... It was rather on the MUGGY side Today. No Wind. On and off with the Sun and Cloud Coverage. There was *suppose* to be some Nasty STORM headed This Way later in the Evening..? But, I think it MISSED Us! -- Except for that ONE Moment of Thunder...

I guess if I hear the CRASHING THUD of that LEANING Front Yard TREE during the Night, then the STORM will probably have looked at a Map...

Well, at least I managed to get a Load of Laundry done, and some Crocheting in! -- Anyhoo, MUST get to Bed "Early-ish" - there're CHURCH SALES to Checkout in the Morning!!

Oooo! MORE *STUFF* to FILL The HOUSE with!


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  1. Love your blog! So colorful and interesting with great pictures! Thanks, too, for your comments on my postings. Looks like we both live in very cold weather climates. We still have about 5 feet of snow around our house and had 10 inches of snow last week!


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