Sunday, May 29, 2011


ORIGINALLY, THE GANG had planned on making One more VISIT Today, however, SISTER called earlier to say that They wouldn't have the Time. She and BIG-D will be headed Back East quite early Tomorrow. -- So, *imagine* Our slight SURPRISE when there was a Knock at the Door Mid-Afternoon!

Oh look! It's SISTER, BIG-D, and THE MOM [Who has just Returned from Her Trip!] sans PROGENY! It seems that They had some Shopping to do in This Part of Town... And, SISTER wanted to give Us a *proper* "Good-bye"...

Whilst THEY were Here, Our NEXT "Visitor" was this BRIGHT & SHINY, Shadow-Causing, Often-Rumoured Celestial Phenomena FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE SUN!!
-- I'm still in Photonic Shock!

LATER on, when The ELDERLY PARENTAL-UNITS returned from a brief Retail Recce, They discovered THIS GARAGE Roof GUEST!

-- IT must have been Working on ITS TAN!!


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