Monday, May 2, 2011

Does IT Get *ANY* "Better"..?


Just so You ALL *KNOW*... It's *not* a "GOOD" Day!

FIRST off - *ENOUGH* with the &$^&^&*$@# RAIN!!! AARRRRGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!

Secondly... I finally Figured out *what* is BROKEN with The TOILET. Looks like the "Flush-Flap" [?] has broken off from the Part-that-Lifts-IT... At least, I THINK that's the ONLY Thing WRONG! Afterall, the damn Contraption IS 40-plus Years Old!!

Okay, I'm going to go *PLAY* with IT - Now...

You know, even The ROMANS had
"sort of" Flush Toilets. *How* HARD could THIS be?

I'll be back LATER.

Meanwhile, You can WAIT with My Niece - Who was recently promoted
to - "CPL" TAT-BABE's New Puppy.

Who is *currently* residing with SISTER - *IN* New Brunswick!

Several HUNDRED Miles *AWAY*!!

Right... I'm BACK. Miss Me?

So. My Lower Back is really KILLING Me!! -- This is what *happens* when TRYING to Crash-Course-TOILET-REPAIR-101 in a Cramp-Under-the-Stairs "Water-Closet".

Anyway, I spent a good Hour or more, "observing"! Watching to see WHERE Water was coming and going... And, waiting for The ELDERLY PARENTAL-UNITS to RETURN from Shopping. MOTHER was going to look for one of those FLUSH-FLAPS.

YAY! She got One! AND, for FREE!! -- The Store had screwed up Their "Pricing"..?

WHAT can I Say..? SHE has This *GIFT*...

However, BEFORE I could start on The GREAT REPAIR, I had to go VOTE! -- FEDERAL ELECTION DAY. The POLLING STATION is just Down the Street, only took about 10 Minutes.

Ah, MR.PAIN-in-the-A$$-TOILET... I pretty much Tortured Myself TRYING to GET AT the Broken Knobby End that the FLAP had come off of. There was *suppose* to BE "some" SCREW...? All that I'm *not* SEEING, is more like a Capped Bolt, loosely housed in a PLASTIC-Waiting-For-Me-To-Snap-CUFF. I'm having *tremendous* DIFFICULTY in gripping Parts with Plyers and Twisting Things WITHOUT *Breaking* Anything ELSE!!

Then, there's the almost-Futile EFFORT to NOT SLURP all over the Recently-Acquired-Little-FLASHLIGHT in My Mouth! -- I've mentioned the Chronic Lower Spinal Problems, yes?

...hang on...OH! PLEASE *TELL* Me that THAT Hinge Part comes OUT like the Toilet-Paper-Roll-Holder!?


Alrighty! I've succeeded in REMOVING the "TILT-TUBE-VALVE" *Thingy*...!! Now, I can get a CLOSE look at The EVIL KNOBBY-BIT that's *rumoured* to have a SCREW. -- hmm.. There's a
LOT of grunge on This... HAH!

Amazing what a little bit of HOT Water can DO! The KNOB, it's LOOSE!! -- WooHoo! LOOK!!

So, from THAT Moment on, EVERYTHING POPPED into Place! The FLAP got Screwed ON. The TUBE-Thingy snapped back INTO the "Holder" Bracket. Adjusted The CHAIN. I still THINK that the
?FLUSH-VALVE? is a little Hinky, but IT's Working! -- NOT going to MESS with IT.

NOAH, We *have* "Handle" FLUSH!!

Perhaps *NOW*, I can get around to FLIPPING through that *new* MAG I received LAST FRIDAY!

Oh, BTW... On a FINAL Note to MARK The DAY -- GO, NAVY!!


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