Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Quantum Physical Spatial Application of Inert Matter Within an Anomalous Inter-Dimensional Domain

TRANSLATION - "..cra-ap... *WHERE* the Sheep am I going to HIDE all of This YARN...?"

WHA-AT?! -- Ah, *HELLO?*! Everyone is yapping about THE *END* OF THE WORLD, yadda, yadda... "ETERNITY", it's a loooong WAIT. So, of course, I'm gonna be bringing YARN and The HOOKS! duh!

Come to Think of it, it *was* awfully QUIET out There for a HOT, SUNNY SATURDAY! And, there were only a Few YARD SALES... huh.. Anyhoo.. just picked up Two Hardcover Ref-Type BOOKS for $2. a Piece. As well as, 5 *very* Brightly-Hued Plastic MINI-CRATES used for CD Storage with a Dozen *matching* CD "Jewelboxes" - ALL for another $2. -- I'll do up some Pics, Tomorrow...

Afterward, We headed to THE MALL before the *MILK* Run to COSTCO. I had a Prescription to Fill.
- OH! HEY! *New* FACTORY ENDS on the Shelf!! Whoa! Check out That NEW Colour COMBO... Wacky! -- I *see* a MOABOA in the not-so-Distant Future...

Believe it or not, THIS is ONE Giant SKEIN! There's also some Strong YELLOW connected to ALL of This... Except for the Violet-Blue *NOT* being the Proper actual Shade of "PURPLE", the Other Colours are pretty close! -- For Now, I'm calling it "GYPSY" - because the Colour Mix is ALL-OVER-THE-MAP!

I bought all 3 Packages. The REMAINING 9 OTHER Packages contained PINKIVORY, YELLOWS, LEVI-Blu and This - MILKGLASS. - The Greenish-Yellow Bits are much more subdued than what's showing Here. I actually started Working with it Tonight... MORE on That, Tomorrow.


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