Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"MAY the 4TH Be With You!"

YES.. It's TRUE -- I AM a STAR WARS "Fan"...

Granted, I was never One of Those "Dress-Up" DIEHARDS with UNLIMITED Theatre Passes, Who would go EVERY DAY to SEE that First "1977" Version! ..I think I went about a Dozen Times, perhaps..? -- However, *OVER* the DECADES, I have "made up" for it!

LET'S SEE... Besides the Obligatory "Collection" of YARD SALE FINDS of Action Figures and Ship Models that are scattered and "buried" about the House, there are a Few CHOICE "ITEMS"! Mostly obtained by way of Charity Auctions - PRE-"EBAY"! There's an *Almost* Complete PRESS KIT for the 1977 Movie. TWO of Those LIMITED EDITION From-the-"Original"-Official-STAR-WARS-Fan-Club-*ONLY*
"REVENGE of the JEDI" POSTERS! Still Rolled-up, BTW.

And then, there's the Assortment of AUTOGRAPHS from Several of the ACTORS that I've had the enjoyable opportunity to MEET at various SCI-FI CONVENTIONS over the Years... Alas, that was all "..a Long Time Ago, in a..."

Anyhoo... in the Meantime, how about Celebrating The DAY with a CAST of CUPCAKES!?


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