Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just KICKING Around...

WOW! My Bad Right KNEE actually FEELS *better*!? huh.

Once AGAIN, the Day was GREY, Grey, grey, *GREY*! You know, it's becoming rather Disgusting
- [on SO many Levels!] - now, in that I often find Myself able to IGNORE the Misty-Drizzly Type of RAIN... One would think that I had grown up in VANCOUVER or Something!

Anyhoo... Despite "Conditions", there was a Breast Cancer Fund-Raiser "Garage" Sale going on at the SILVER CITY THEATRE Parking Lot. It was being *Run* by LOTS of Cute-Strapping-Young-LADS from 1-800-GOT-JUNK - All geared out in PINK T-Shirts!

We arrived on the Late-ish side, however, there was still enough STUFF to hold Our Interest. MOTHER rummaged through some Drill Bits and other Hardware, whilst I, acquired THESE ITEMS...

THIS Time, for $2. I found One of the Large HAZELWARE "Colony" BOWLS in GREEN. Surprisingly, I *didn't* have One of This Size in THAT Colour! I just have waay too many in the Small.

I also, like to "Collect" Metal - [mostly Brass] - "NUMBERS". I have NO Idea as to *what* to do with Them, but I'm sure that I'll come up with SOMETHING... SOMEday...

Meanwhile, My "Choice" FIND of the Day - This Fabulous little NAVAJO SAND-PAINTING by DANIEL SMITH, JR.! And, for *only* 50 Cents!

-- I'll have to do some Research on IT, as I don't know how Old IT is. The Matte has suffered a bit of Moisture Damage, but other than that, IT's in Good Shape. I'm inclined to leave IT as IS.

Afterward, We headed to Beacon Hill - did a Peruse of the SALLY ANN. Didn't find Anything...

Did a Grocery Stop, then, off We were to CANADIAN TIRE to look for Some Thing that MOTHER wanted to
"check out"... Little did We know, that it would take Us about a Half Hour before We even got to ENTER The Store! -- We got caught in the "Excitement" of *another* Charity "Event"!

CANADIAN TIRE supports a Fund - JUMPSTART - that provides Sports Equipment to Kids that can't afford it so that They can participate in Organized Sports. THEY had this "Activity" Booth set up outside... You donate Money, You get a chance to TRY one of The Activities - Pitching, Darts, Soccer...

MOTHER opted for Darts - even though She doesn't Play. However, She does have this knack for wielding very Sharp Pointy Objects! She actually did quite well Busting those Balloons.

As for Myself, I went with Soccer. HAD to, it's IN The Genes! - FATHER played Semi-Pro as a Teenager in ENGLAND, His Father played PRO over 90 Years ago! Meanwhile, I've never played. And, Today, My Back and Right Knee were killing Me... Oh, and have I "mentioned" the BEING Middle-Aged Part..?

Anyway, the "Goal" was to see how HARD - determined by a rather questionable SPEED-GUN - One could KICK the Ball. The Speed "to Beat" was 50kph. After My allotted Attempts, I managed to achieve 32kph - WITH the Bad Leg!! -- Not so shabby for a Gimpy AUNTIE!

In fact, I bested a few YOUNG GUYS! As a Result, the "Booth People" posted a Note on Their
"Board" that My Bad-Leg-Old-Lady "Score" was THE ONE-TO-BEAT! -- GRANDDAD would be Proud!

Whatever, the Kicking actually helped to relieve the Tension I had going on in that Knee for a while afterward. -- hmm...


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