Tuesday, May 17, 2011



I was on The BUS, going along The TRANSITWAY, just about to turn toward the TRAIN STATION... Ahead, there's this Off-Ramp and I could see this Large Brown Creature crossing it, going towards the Brush. -- MOST of The CITY's GROUNDHOG Population seems to LIVE along The TRANSITWAY.

Which, is why I first thought that IT might just be a Larger One. However, as We neared and went into Our Left Turn, and IT disappeared, it dawned on Me that there was "something" about IT that was *Different*...?

Wait... I think there was a Tail.. There *was* a TAIL! -- Groundhogs DON'T have "Tails"... Oh. MY.. FUR-COAT-IN-STORAGE! IT was a BEAVER!! *Had* to BE!! -- Wow! ...I've never seen One *outside* of a ZOO [like 40 Years ago!]. Cool!

Then again, perhaps I shouldn't really be THAT Surprised as there *are* nearby Wooded-Wetland Areas, AND Part of the RIDEAU RIVER... All of that HIGHWAY-ness running THROUGH the NATURE-ness throws One off a bit!

Anyway... I eventually got to My Dental Appointment!

Oh. Look... Right IN FRONT of The OFFICE, Massive-Digging-For-DINOSAURS-Road-Water-Main-Replacement-CONSTRUCTION is going ON!! -- So glad that I TOOK a BUS!! AND, that it's *not* Raining!

An Hour later, The FANGS had been Probed, Scraped, Irradiated, Fluoridated, and Scheduled for a couple of more PLAY-DATES... Across the Road, where the Temporary Bus Stop was located - between The DIG SITE - there's a Small SALLY ANN Shop... I did a quick peruse.

I passed on a Few Interesting Items that were a tad Over-Priced for THEM. And, that I really didn't need. Just like, I really don't need THIS PLATE, either - BUT, IT was *only* a Dollar... Also, "Hand-Painted in ITALY"! -- Plus, that whole FISH "Fetish" Thing I have...

HEY! IT was the *ONLY* Thing I bought Today! I went Straight HOME, afterward!

Meanwhile... It's My Oldest and Bestest Friend - SISTER-S - and Her - MOUNTIE-MAN-S - Hubby's ANNIVERSARY Today!! THEY live in the Wilds of VANCOUVER... It's been TOO long since I been out That Way... Miss it... THEM, too!


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