Monday, May 9, 2011

Oooo! SHINY!

HEY! Look KIDS, *NO* RAIN! Or, Scary Wind. Or, Nasty Clouds. Or, Frosty Temps... SUN!! Perhaps even TWO DAYS *worth*!!


Anyhoo... I GIRLed UP and ventured OUT despite all of the Wonderfulness going ON! Besides, I sorta HAD to go DOWNTOWN anyway...

So, Nothing *exciting* happening There. Only saw a FEW TULIPS out. -- The Annual CANADIAN TULIP FESTIVAL is currently on for the Rest of the Month - [MAY 6 - 23] - IT's one of the BIG "TOURISTY" EVENTS around OTTAWA. However, with ALL of the RAIN... MOST of the Flowers are YET to BLOOM!

After My Appointment, I headed for The RIDEAU CENTRE. Just did a short buzz through. Picked up a Few CLEARANCE SALE Tops at OLD NAVY... Like I *need* more Clothes. Not! -- But, what the hey, the Price *was* Right! And, SOLID COLOURS - They'll go with Anything!

Back on the BUS to THE MALL. Another quickie Run-Through There, and then I walked Home... Needed the Exercise. And, it *was* Nice OUT! -- I'll be FEELING it, Tomorrow!

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