Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hey, SIS? Why is Your Earring Barking?


The MILK Bags are *bigger* than The PUPPY!! -- You know, when DUST-BUNNIES start giving This MUNCHKIN-MUTT the "Brush Off"... just saying...

-- Meanwhile, He crawls around My SISTER's Shoulders like one of Those Squirrel *Monkeys*.

Stick some Velcro on ITS ButtATTACH Him to a Headband, and VOILA! - "PUPPY FASTENATOR"!!

Thankfully, it turned out to be HALF DECENT DAY! Misty-Cloudy earlier on, but Sunny later, and Temps were Warm - just like it's *suppose* to BE in MAY! And, where once were "Glaciers", many Things "Botanical" are popping up!

Anyway... Spent most of the Day doing Last Minute "stuff" while *waiting* for SISTER and BIG-D to arrive. Which, wasn't until after 7pm! And then, THEY were only Here for LESS than an Hour. THEY still had to go to CARLETON PLACE [40 Minutes away] to drop off Stuff, Say HI to The PRINCESSES, and then, continue ON to KINGSTON [another Hour-ish] to Deliver The PUPPY!

After THEIR Overnight *Visit* with CPL. TAT-BABE, THEY'll be headed Back - sans Pooch - to CARLETON PLACE! -- It's a LONG WEEKEND in CANADA... So, The GAME PLAN is, THEY'll be over Here on Monday with The PRINCESSES for a LONG Awaited VISIT!!


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