Sunday, May 8, 2011


I WANT AN "AUNT" DAY!! ...just saying...

AS Promised [from Yesterday] - The FREE CHANDELIER! -- I've still to have a good Look at The CRYSTALS, yet... Normally, I'm not all that *big* on Organic Designs, however, THIS One seems to be just understated enough to *grow* on Me...

Hmm... Come to think of it, I might actually HAVE a "few" Items that could GO with IT... Just *not* in THIS House. -- Anyway, I believe MOTHER is giving SISTER "First" Dibs on IT. Otherwise, I think I'll CALL Seconds...!

Alrighty... NOW, for MY STUFF!

MEET, "JONAH"! -- What can I Say..? I have a Soft Spot for LITTLE GREEN MEN...

The easily Repurposeable PURPLE GLASS ASHTRAY will FIT right IN with My AMETHYST GLASS COLLECTION - especially with ITS Triangular Shape.

Ah, *another* Addition to My "WHITE" FISH "SCHOOL"... Besides, *only* Costing 25-Cents, I really didn't have a Piece like THIS. IT'll go quite well with My OTHER Aquatic Dishware!

I rarely pass up on adding to My BLUE & WHITE POTTERY Collection. THIS is about 8-Inches.

I love THIS great little 5.5"x7" FRAME. Another "Quarter" FIND!

I believe that THIS [ABOVE], is a CANDLE HOLDER... All Light-Weight METAL, and FREE!

BTW, I'm also *NOT* a big Fan of CANDLE "USE", either.

Well... except for that odd Table Arrangement. Set into a SECURE "Holder".

-- Whatever. I'm sure that I can come up with *some* NOVEL Use for IT!

My most COSTLY Purchase - at a Dollar! - THIS [RIGHT] lovely shiny CHROME Mantel STOCKING HOLDER.

I have several Similarly-Styled Pieces... However, I don't believe that I have This One!


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