Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mag, Mag, Mag, MAG, *MAG*!!

STYLE AT HOME - June 2011

P. 39 - A bit "Busy" for My Tastes and not My Fav Palette, either. But, strangely enough, IT works..?

P. 44 - [BELOW] - Cute take on the Design of the Felted-Sweater BIRDS.


P. 52-56 - [RIGHT]THOM FILICIA Interview - Wicked CHAIRS! Very Bold HORSE CANVAS on the Wall.

P. 58-59 - HIGH / LOW - I have an OLD SHIRT that has the Exact Colour of Striping as Those WALLS. The Shirt is *less* DISTRACTING!

P. 80-88 - [LEFT] - This REDO of CHRISTINE HANLON's Living Room is MUCH more Appealing! Seriously, that Previous - [UPPER LEFT] - RED & WHITE Rug was Damaging on the Retinas!

P. 100-105 - Awesome WALLPAPER.

P. 112 - [RIGHT]Please, SOMEONE! - *tell* Me HOW *Anyone* can actually SLEEP with ALL of These PATTERNS going ON?!!? The VISUALLY-CHALLENGED can probably HEAR Them!

P. 116-119 - Gorgeous HEIRLOOMS!

P. 122-130 - [LEFT]Crisp Lines overall in the Design. And, very Inspiring on the DIVISION of COLOUR SCHEMES. It all strikes Me as taking the Classic "Bones" of MID-CENTURY MODERN and setting Them into a 21st CENTURY Framework.

P. 130-139 - [LEFT]Love the CHAIR FABRIC! Along with the ENTIRE "Beach" Decor! Stylish and Relaxful.


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