Wednesday, May 11, 2011

POST **300**!! - And, Other ORTS & ENDS...

WOOHOO!! -- Who'd have Thunk, huh? THAT *many* DAYS - STRAIGHT!

AND, I was SOOO *Excited* about it ALL, that I *literally* PASSED OUT! -- Then again, it could have been because I "managed" to WIN $32. on The LOTTERY Last Night, OR that Today was the THIRD-SUNNY-DAY-IN-A-ROW!!

..yeah.. So... "Funny" Thing *happened* whilst I was having a little Bloodwork done Earlier...

MOTHER needed to have Hers done as well - however, Last Evening She tells Me that She wasn't up to doing it for Today. Which meant, that I would be just getting Mine done. Alone. But... THIS Morning, She changes Her Mind as She hasn't had anything to EAT in the last 11-plus Hours.

...Change of Plans... And, seeing as I was concerned about *Her*, I made the error of *rushing* through My "Morning Routine" of getting through MY "Fasting".

Anyway, We get There with no problems, except for the 10-Minute or more WAIT. We go to Our respective side-by-side Cubicles. I inform My very friendly & sweet "Vampiress" that I CLOT very quickly... "..No, kidding.." - I am not bleeding at "normal" speed at all!

Not "good"...

Vial #2 will have to come out of My Other Arm... HOWEVER... JUST before She jabs Me, I begin to feel Faint... I take some of My Water...

Hey, KIDS! Did You get My POSTCARD FROM KANSAS, yet?

FYI - I'm no Stranger to Passing Out and Waking Up from said "Experiences" in rather Unique Locales... Have YET to Top the In-Front-Of-The-SHARK-PIT when I was 12! But This Time, was a tad weird... Probably, because I *still* IN the Chair, and NOT anywhere HORIZONTAL.
- Which is *likely* WHY - as MOTHER much Later informed Me - I was "shaking"... [duh.. Hello!
"Shock"! Not Oxygenating..]

Once, slightly more "cognizant", I insisted that I needed to LIE DOWN! -- I was walked over to a Little Room... And, figured out *WHAT* was "The Cause" - GAS!

...yeah.. I know... WAAY too much INFO.. But seriously, That's what it was - putting Pressure on the wrong Nerves and My Lungs. Toss in the Asthma, the Allergy Season, the going on 14-Hours of Fasting, and a few "other" Little-Things-Going-On-In-My-What-I-DON'T-Put-The-BLOOG-Life...

The SLOW Blood Flow SHOULD have been the First CLUE!

And then, the Half-Liter of "water" that I "hurled" after sitting up and telling MOTHER that I *needed* a BUCKET -- NOW! -- Yep. Definitely, GAS. -- BTW, I was a Good Girl... I *MISSED* the Expensive Diagnostic Equipment, the Bed, ME, and MOTHER, who had just exited.

Anyhoo... after a Half-Hour of trying to munch on a few Snacks, a bit of "Washroom" Time, We headed for The CAR. The Fresh Air did Me some good. A few Minutes more, and I was *well* enough to Drive the Short Distance Home!

A couple of Hours of BED-REST and I'm now BACK to My Old Self! Just BLOOGING About...

The LESSONS LEARNT - Next Time, before Going, I *relax* and wear a "looser" *Sports* BRA!



So, DID You *KNOW*..? That, JOSHUA TREE, California was Home to THE...

Betcha didn't, huh? Well, CHECK OUT THIS Article from CROCHET MAGAZINE and LEARN all about IT and the Lovely SHARI ELF... Also, have a LOOK SEE at Her "Gallery" of rather Creative FOLK ART.

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Meanwhile, over on the West Coast... Thanks to "CAPTAIN HOOK", BEARS are *Not* so
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