Sunday, May 1, 2011

The DAY *AFTER*! ...Is it MAY, Yet?!

WELL... For "Starters"... My Shoulder is NOT in such great shape Today. The Result of all of those weighted-down Knapsack and Tote Bag Straps on the chronically BAD Joint and Back. -- Oh, and, it's Cloudy out AGAIN!

Hey! Look! Now My Toilet *isn't* FLUSHING!

o-kay... At least I got My Load of Laundry out of the way. Whatever. Time to get going on THIS Entry. And, back to Yesterday's "Special" Moments...

But, FIRST... A *Mention* of a lovely Couple We chatted with Yesterday at the NATIONAL WOMEN'S SHOW.

Unfortunately, I didn't quite get His Name, but "SHE" was JACQUI UZA - of BOKO [Bead One Knit One].

She KNITS These absolutely Gorgeous Czech-Glass Beads into VINTAGE-Styled PURSES!!

I wish My Pics were better, as to SHOW off the Exquisite
"COUTURE-Level" Workmanship and Design Details put into EACH of These!

And, THEY *FEEL* really Cool, too!


So, have at LOOK at Her "SHOP" --

And, for the Moment, *IGNORE* the Pricing Stated THERE...

Apparently, They're still Setting the SITE up. -- At least, that's what They were saying at THE SHOW.

LATER on... We were in the TOURISM Section and happened onto the CARLETON PLACE Booth. Which is WEST of OTTAWA, and where My NIECE and The PRINCESSES live. The *new* TOWN MAYOR - WENDY LeBLANC - was "manning" the Booth!

We had a pleasant Chat...

NOW, to get on with PART 2 of Our DAY...

Bearing much BAGGAGE, We departed The OTTAWA CONVENTION CENTRE to grab a Return BUS to THE BIG MALL, where The CAR was Parked. -- We had a rather *Entertaining* DRIVER!

Once We arrived, I left MOTHER in One of Her favourite *haunts*, whilst I, headed to The CAR to DEPOSIT Our FREE-gotten Gains! -- I think I may have bounced UP an Inch... Anyhoo, I got back to Her in short order - We still had Other Things to DO, ELSEwhere!

Dropped Her off at the POST OFFICE. I headed up to the FOOD COURT to grab a "SUB" for Dinner...

A "Funny" Thing happened as I waited IN LINE to Pay for My Food.... As I just chanced to look off toward the Seating Area and Other Vendors, there's this *open* space that leads off toward the Restrooms. Right smack in the Middle of it - about 15 or so Feet away from Me, I *noticed* what appeared to be a Folded Piece of PAPER...

...That had, what seemed like, a bit of Colour to IT...? -- hmm...

I observed MANY People walking past IT, over IT, never really looking AT IT... I began to wonder IF IT really was, WHAT I "thought" IT *WAS*...

FINALLY, I was able to Pay for My Stuff and leave to Check IT Out! -- Nonchalantly, I glide over to IT, as I *casually* begin to place My Food into My TOTE, and bring IT's "Identity" into focus...


HAPPY DANCE!! -- A $10. Bill!!

Feigning - for the benefit of any Other Observers - "fiddling" with My lowered Bag, I snatched IT UP in Rescue from being Toe-Troddened, and into the Security of My most appreciative Protection!
-- Well, that certainly covers the Cost of My Meal and most of the BUS FARE.

Now, to just make it Down The STAIRS safely - The ESCALATOR was OUT of ORDER! - and retrieve MOTHER.

From THE BIG MALL, We snuck in a Trip to the Nearby Grocery Store. -- There's an Ambulance out Front... *That* can't be Good! Whatever, We never did find out *what* that was about...

At any rate, We didn't stay long. And, had intents on heading STRAIGHT HOME, when MOTHER suddenly *Remembered*, that She had a Prescription to pick up over at THE MALL... Switched Lanes... Left Her IN The CAR. Ran IN to pick up Her Meds.

Ah, HOME - finally! ...But, wait... Mr.SMOKES&Drinks-TOO-Much-Neighbour from across the Street is coming over - He rarely ever does! - as I'm about to put The CAR in. And, He also speaks French, I don't. MOTHER does [because She IS], but, is already in the House.

Anyway, LONG STORY SHORT... It would appear - UNnoticed by Us - that during the "Not-so-Little" WIND STORM last Thursday, He *noticed* that Our Spruce Tree looked like it was going to BLOW OVER onto Our House! -- And here I was, hoping that EVIL-NEIGHBOUR'S-TREE would.

I took a better look at THE TREE... Yeah, there's a definite LEANING going on, and ROOTS are surfacing. Great. *Just* what We REALLY need right now! -- He suggested an Anchoring Cable..

However, on further contemplation, I'm wondering if perhaps, a couple of Metal Framing Beams braced out from the House to PUSH and KEEP THE TREE Upright might be better? As We really *don't* want to CUT IT Down or Halve IT.

IT's currently Our main barrier against the Prevailing Winds, especially since the Other Tree had to be removed Last Year. And then, there are ALL of these *new* CITY Ordinates on Trees... yeah... I'm going to have to DESIGN *Something*!

MEANWHILE... I've GOT a TOILET to *FIX*!! -- crap...


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  1. I was pretty sure that I absolutely needed one of those purses and then I seen the price lol. Maybe once I'm rich and famous....Or till Nana finds one in a box somewhere in the house. Guaranteed there's one somewhere.


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