Saturday, May 7, 2011

'Tis The SEASON, To FILL The CAR...

...FULL of CRAP!

Well, *MOST* of IT was MOTHER's **HOARD** of "FREE" *crap*... MY Acquisitions of the Day was a *small* Box Load of Good "STUFF"!!

-- Okay, I'll give Her "Points" for scoring the FREE CHANDELIER - HOWEVER, **I** was the One who "acquired" the CRYSTALS for IT!

As you ALL *know* by Now, The WEATHER Here - especially on Saturdays - has NOT been up to Proper YARD SALE Standards! Usually, the "Season" in up and running by Early APRIL! You know, as SOON as the Glaciers *begin* to Recede...

Anyway, Today was the Big Annual BLACKBURN Community Yard Sale... 8:00 to 4:00... And, after around 3-ish, People put the FREEBIES out on Their Curbs - Hence, the eventual STUFFING of The CAR!

Although, slightly questionable at Times, The WEATHER held. Got Warmer as the Day progressed, and turned out to be "mostly" Sunny! - YAY! - We actually headed out a bit Late, 10-ish...

It probably wasn't until Sale #6 or so, that I actually BOUGHT Anything! A silly Little GREEN ALIEN Figure for a Dime! - I was getting Desperate. And, We were taking waay too much Time to do as much as We had wanted. Also, We needed to get to the CHURCH SALE by 11.

GOOD SHEPHERD CHURCH - where I do One of My Regular Christmas Craft Shows at - is at the End of the Neighbourhood. It was also, only running until Noon. So, We had to break off from the Traditional Scavenging and head There.

I'm sure that We *probably* had MISSED out on a whole whack of "GOOD STUFF" earlier, however, at THIS Point, Prices were coming DOWN! I got MOST of My Haul for 25 Cents a Piece! - Amongst Them, THIS little 8"x10" OIL PAINTING...


Granted, NOT My *Usual* Choice of SUBJECT MATTER - Rhinos & Things Nautical - but I LIKED IT... Seriously. IT ONLY *COST* A "QUARTER"!! -- No Neurons were Fried in the Making of This Purchasing Decision!

I'll take Pics of REST of the TREASURES for Tomorrow. -- It's getting Late and I want to get THIS Done!

So, AFTER "Church"- and a rather Tasty HOT DOG There - We went to a couple of the "Local" Grocery Places. The TRUNK was beginning to FILL... Once complete, We Returned to Remaining SALES. Ah, FREEBIE TIME had begun!


Especially, Our almost Last Stop in a CUL Street... I swear Her Eyes started to GLAZE! There was this HUGE Pile of Christmas "crap" - that I HAD to POUR into the BACK SEAT ,and *around* the
"Chandelier"! -- IT's actually quite Nice. AND, I got all of the CRYSTALS for IT, too! Would look Super in a Bathroom. Just needs a bit of Cleaning, Rewiring, maybe a new Colour of Paint...

FINALLY, I dragged Her AWAY from the Bargaining BURBS, and ON to FINISHING Our Groceries! MILK was NEEDED! -- THEN, it was Traffic, Traffic, Traffic, Shop, Traffic, HOME! And, 15 Minutes of UNPACKING The CAR!

Still don't KNOW *IF*, FATHER spotted EVERYTHING that MOTHER had "Collected".


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