Friday, May 13, 2011

ggrrrrrrrrr... NOT a "Happy Blooger"...

FIRST OFF - SORRY for ANY "Problems" that Anyone may have had in the Last Day, or SO, in accessing My POSTS! It *seems* like TPTB [BLOGGER] has had a Few "PROBLEMS"..?

..OH! LOOK! My ENTIRE "#300" POST just went, and %$#%%^$& DISAPPEARED!!

THANKFULLY, AUNTIE had the FORE-Thought to COPY the HTML and NOT totally Destroy IT!! -- Needless to say, a *new* "Little Project" for Me to STRONGLY Consider in My Future!

As well as, have a Little "CHAT" with KARMA!?

-- Really? I *Win* a Few Bucks on The LOTTERY and I end up with ALL of THIS Cyber-Crap going ON!? ...Like, having to GET a new Power Cable/Brick for The Computer, and the COOLING PAD getting hinky *wasn't* enough..?!

Meanwhile... Today was pretty much THE END of The SUNNY Period... Rain, Thunder, RAIN, more Rain appears to be on the MENU for This Evening and the REST of the Week! -- Which of course, is WHY there are a couple of Medical Appointments "scheduled". Just another ONE of Those Naggy UNIVERSAL CONSTANT Thingies...

Anyhoo... EXCEPT for the BATTLE of THE BLOOG, all I did Today was run a few Errands - while I could! As Tomorrow, PROMISES to be an IFFY Day [..I probably shouldN'T have Whacked those TWO SPIDERS Last Night..?].

Until Then, I *need* to hit The HOOKS!


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