Monday, July 4, 2011

**HAPPY 4TH**!!

AND, SINCE I *DO* have "some" YANKEE Blood in Me, I "Celebrated" by wearing My Genuine ALOHA SHIRT!! - [SEE 09APR2011 POST] - ...Besides, it was over 30C again, and HASN'T Rained YET, either!

So... FINALLY got My "Cheque"! -- Just in Time for that Tree Removal BILL that *also* came Today! ...ahh, "Timing"... Dontcha, luv it?

Anyhoo... A Phone Call here. A Bank Deposit there... A couple of Ca$hed-In Lottery Tickets, and a quickie MALL Flyby later... Then, back HOME in Time to grab a Bite and head off to My Late-Afternoon Appointment.

Huh. I guess EVERYONE decided to make it a 4-Day Weekend..? Not THAT much Traffic... -- I can handle that... I just hope that THEY don't ALL stop off at COSTCO on Their way home, WHEN I'm There Tomorrow!

Whatever... I ended up arriving Early - which, is okay... Allowed Me to get some CROCHET-Time in!  -- ALWAYS a GOOD THING!


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