Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cool MAIL!!

FROM A COOL "MALE"! -- oh, and, from My SISTER, too!

As I have this *NEED* to ACQUIRE YARN and RHINOS and, to COLLECT waay too many "THINGS"
- [HEY! IT's *ALL* GOOD STUFF!!] - My "MARTHA STEWART"-CLONE Younger Sibling has this *Passion* for "THEME"-PARTIES, Re-Decorating, and Sending CARDS! ...For *ANY* Reason!

I'm not quite at Liberty to "Discuss" - HERE - the unlying Circumstances for Her most Recent Postal-Participation. Suffice to say, She was being a GREAT SISTER!

Of course, I could have done without the enclosed FELINE-Photos - She *knows* that I DISLIKE CATS! - however, They were for MOTHER anyway...

MEANWHILE... As to WHAT I *had* been EXPECTING...

Remember - [SEE 28JAN2011 POST] - the Detective-Noir-Mystery-Vampire NOVEL -


- that had come OUT on My

WELL... The Author - TREVOR MUNSON - and I have since become TWEET-PALS...

Hence, He sent Me one of His BOOKMARKERS! - [LEFT]

IT looks so very COOL *inside* The BOOK!

Anyhoo... Be sure to CHECK OUT TREVOR's Terrific - [NOT for Children!] - TOME! -- There's now a *KINDLE* Version available...


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