Friday, July 1, 2011


hmmm... INTERESTING, isn't it? ...As to how that *every* Time "ROYALTY" come to Visit OTTAWA on CANADA DAY, the Weather turns out GREAT!

Actually, to be Honest, it was quite HOT! -- I hope that Our "VISITORS" had some A/C going on while THEY were on the "Big Stage" - doubtful that THEY're really *used* to These TEMPS!

Meanwhile, I chose to spend the "Holiday" INSIDE... To just... VEG! -- And, to catch up on some mindless Reading! I just needed to "park" The BRAIN *somewhere* - [ANYwhere!] - else! "REAL
LIFE" has been somewhat MORE Hectic around Here than I let on...

Not to mention, there's quite likely to be *much* Grocery-Getting and YARD SALE-ing to be done Tomorrow... I need to Recharge!

-- Hey! Look! I won *another* $7. Tonight! WOOHOO!


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