Thursday, May 26, 2011


SO, My Dental Caldera has now been FILLED! Including a couple of Other Minor Crevasses as well... The "Freezing" is gone and the Mandible Ache is starting up a tad - DOC-M was in There for a while, and Those "Needles" are THE WORST Part!! - ugh! - My Jaw is feeling like a Pin Cushion!

Meanwhile, it was a MIXED UP Day... On the dark side with the Clouds, and ONLY the odd bit of Misty Drizzle. - THANK YOU! -- However, *getting* to My Appointment was not without an OBSTACLE or two...

The FIRST ONE of major *Note* - the TRANSIT "Tunnel" at St. Laurent Shopping Centre was CLOSED because of some Gas Leak...? Although, strangely enough, except for the few Stores nearby the Station Entrance , the REST of the MALL had *NO* Idea!?

Anyway, ALL of the Buses had to be re-routed to get back onto The TRANSITWAY - which, led to Me being a Few Minutes LATE arriving at the Dentist. I had to WAIT for My 2nd Bus... But, I was a Good Patient and called to let Them know! ...Along with a heads up on Cavity Crater.

An Hour later, I was DONE! I would have dropped by the SALLY ANN near the Bus Stop again, but it was too Muddy with all of that Ongoing ROAD CONSTUCTION to get over to the Sidewalk. And, I wanted to Shop around at St. Laurent on My Way back Home between Bus changes...

YES. I bought Stuff! A dark FUCHSIA "On Sale" SHIRT at The GAP and some *needed* "BUY 2, GET 1 FREE" Items at The BODY SHOP...

So... It's My Brother-In-Law - BIG-D's Birthday... NO doubt, it was *likely* spent having to DRIVE SISTER and The PRINCESSES around SHOPPING - with HIS Money!!


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  1. glad your tooth is all sorted dear hugs tinkx


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