Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bet, I'll Probably Be Blooging Through The CARPAL TUNNEL Tomorrow!


Well... That's because I've been spending HOURS *Manually* CYBER-GRUNTING through the DEBRIS of *WHAT* My "ANNOYING" BACK-UP DRIVE SOFTWARE **DID** the Other Day!!


-- Did IT *have* to COPY EVERY "BOOKMARK"?!! - Not to MENTION, the rather ERRATIC "Choice" of PHOTOS...?

HAD to go through just about EVERY "Folder"! - Thankfully, the NASTY DOUBLE FILES have
"some" Identifying Features... I just hope that I found MOST of Them! -- My NEXT "Mission", will be to ACCESS The DRIVE and Clean IT up BEFORE Triggering the Stupid Software...

You know... I never really had THESE Type of PROBLEMS back in the Good-Old-DOS-Days!!

...And, I had so wanted to DO some CROCHETING Tonight... *Maybe*, even GET around to Slicing up the WATERMELON that's been IN the Fridge for a WEEK...!! -- A GOOD THING that Tomorrow is a HOLIDAY, Here!!


Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm Going To Need *More* WALL SPACE...


It's Difficult trying to go against GENETICS! -- What with Actual "ARTISTS" on MOTHER'S Side. And, an Avid Art-ACQUIRER on FATHER'S - He remembers His Paternal-Grandfather as always buying LARGE Paintings and Sculptures! -- I seriously WISH, that I KNEW "What" Great-Granddad had, AND **WHERE** IT all IS, Now!!

Anyway... I'm still building *MY* "ARTSY" Collections! -- My Primary Focus has been on RHINO ART
- which mostly consists of "Prints", Numbered Lithos, and the occasional Original Piece... Otherwise, of Late, I've been assembling an Assortment of Unknown-Not-So-Famous-And-Never-Will-Be-Yet-Still-Quite-Gifted-ARTISANS. With a rather STRONG leaning toward NAUTICAL-Type WORKS...

I'm just a SEASIDE-SHIPPY kind of Girl!

Who, also, LOVES a Great BARGAIN! Hence, My growing "Gallery" of Small-Sized OILS for UNDER $10. Each - actuallyMOST have been under $5.!!

...As in, THIS ONE! - [ABOVE] - For LESS than $3.! -- We were over at The SALLY-ANN, Today.. [The few YARDS SALES going on were NOT "worth" mentioning!]

Found IT sitting atop a Box of Cheapy Frames... Probably, because IT too, has a REALLY Crappy-Looking Frame!! But, the [8x10"] Canvas appears to be well-mounted, so it shouldn't be too troublesome to Switch IT out...

Meanwhile... I also came across THIS - [BELOW] - NEEDLEPOINT CANVAS [18x24"] for a Dollar! - Not quite My Scenic-Subject-Matter-of-Choice... However, finding Good Quality Canvas at an Affordable Price is not so often. And, I can always do up some Other "Picture" on IT! -- I have PLENTY of Yard-Sale THREAD...

Nearby the Canvas - [for another Dollar] - was THIS - [BELOW] - 18" Strip of FABRIC... Although IT didn't "Say", I'm fairly certain that IT's LINEN! -- The Colours are also much Richer than what's showing Here. The Background is somewhat more OLIVE and the "RED" more "RUST' in Tone. The Texture is very SOFT!

And then, there's THIS cute little 3-Inch-and-a-bit BLUE & WHITE CREAMER from PORTUGAL - for, YES, another Dollar!

However, NOT *ALL* is Terrific in THRIFTY-TERRITORY... For $5., I picked up a bunch of "RACK" Pieces.
They were of a Heavy "Wire" Metal in
Cobalt BLUE - I thought IT would make for an Interesting "Display" Piece to use on My Craft Show Tables..?

AFTER spending waay too much Time TRYING to FIGURE IT OUT - [and I'm usually pretty good at this sort of thing..] - I've concluded  that HOW EVER IT's suppose to be "Assembled", SOMETHING is definitely MISSING!! -- I'm going to try to Return IT Later... OR, use the Parts as TRIVETS..?!!


Friday, July 29, 2011

Well...THAT *Explains* It...

I'VE BEEN WONDERING as to "WHY" I **hadn't** HEARD from the Organizers of the Larger CRAFT SHOWS that I regularly "DO"... Usually, the Booking Process STARTS in Early-JULY. And, THIS YEAR there was suppose to be a NEW Coordinator...

I *was* Planning on CHECKING UP on "Things" - NEXT Week... However, Last Evening, MOTHER had been speaking with MADAME-Q, Who had "mentioned" that Her Daughter had *just* Booked THEIR TABLES..?!


A LATE-Night E-Mail to MADAME-Q later... By Morning, I had a COPY of the CRAFT SHOW Announcement, etc... -- IT was Originally Dated for the 6th!! *Apparently*, "THEY" had SCREWED UP My E-Dress! ...Lovely...

Anyhoo... Phone Numbers have been Found. More E-Mails have been Sent. The Cheque is Waiting to be dropped into The MAIL - [Tomorrow's Primary Task!] - I just HOPE that this DELAY hasn't messed with My chances of obtaining My Favourite Table Location!

Meanwhile... A lot of Mixed Weather Today... Overcast. Drizzle. HOT. No Wind. Humid. Sunny. Hotter. The Predicted Thunder was seriously BEHIND Schedule - a GOOD THING! Nice Sunset. Still HOT. Downpour! THUNDER.... Quiet Now...


Thursday, July 28, 2011

You Know, Everything Was Going "just" **FINE**...


I *Decided* to DO My BACKUPS again..!! -- AARRRGGHHHH!!!!

"Several" HOURS were WASTED as "THINGS" were happening... I'm going to have to totally TRASH the whole Backup Software that came with The DRIVE and go back to the One that came with The Computer! As, the Automatic Backup was SCREWING UP the Sync Programme...

And then, almost near [?] the End, My HARD DRIVE **SHUTS DOWN**?? -- WT*?!!

Whatever... It's ALL a *total* PAIN!! -- SO. I'm gonna have to make THIS "Short & Sour"! SORRY!

Otherwise, it was all just another *HOT* - sans Humidity - Boring-At-Least-I-Got-Some-Laundry-In kind of Day...

BTW, IF I'm "Not" BACK HERE, Tomorrow... It'll be because I've either DESTROYED My LAPTOP, OR... actually, THAT would pretty much DO it!!



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Carry All, KERMIT!

REMEMBER My "First" MOA-TOTE...? - [SEE 21JUN2011 POST] - I've Called IT "KERMIT".


So. I went on an
"ESCAPE-To-The-MALL-MISSION" after Lunch. Just ME and KERMIE...


What can I Say..?
It's been a while since I've done some totally IT's-ALL-About-*ME*!-Shopping.

-- hmm... There are a Lot of "Bath" Product Sales going on...

Oooo... Actually, in Flavours that I *Like*!
...Watermelon, Lime, Cucumber-Mint... Bilberry..? -- huh. sure... why not?

Ah. The "PRICE" of being a "GIRL"! -- ONE **TINY** Eyeliner "Refill" COST as much as THREE Bottles of Shower Gel and Shampoo?!! And, for HALF of that, I also picked up a Super-Soft-Cotton-Knit-TEAL-BLUE T-Shirt!

I am SO going to end up SMELLING like some POOLSIDE FRUIT BAR at "HAPPY HOUR"!!

OH! Hey! Got another $7. on the LOTTERY, Tonight... YAY*NOW*, I can "Tip" The Cute "Drool"-TOWEL BOY!



Tuesday, July 26, 2011


IT'S *THAT* TIME OF YEAR, once more, - [SEE 26JUL2010 POST] - when I'm *wishing* that I was back in HAWAII again, to *ASSIST* My Dear, "Older" BFF in CELEBRATING Her SPECIAL DAY! -- And, to be sure, the "Backdrop" of *PARADISE* sure wouldn't Hurt, either!!

Okay. SO. Other than MAJOR-M getting a few more Grey-Hairs, it was just *another* Boring-Day-In-The-Neighbourhood...

I think the Biggest "THRILL" was getting that NUTELLA-on-Toast FOOD SAMPLE at COSTCO!
-- Oh! AND, *using* that FREE GIFT CARD They had sent Me! ...I bought a Couple of 3/4-Sleeve TOPS...

Exciting, huh? -- And, HEY, let's NOT Forget that Load of Laundry?! - GOOD TIMES! *Good* Times!

Receipt of a new Decor Mag also wasn't so bad... Although, the Reprieve of COOLer TEMPS and odd bits of RAIN, scored rather High-Up as well....


Monday, July 25, 2011

The "Costs" of FREE Stuff...

COSTCO sent Me a FREE-Out-of-the-Blue-Gee-Wasn't-THAT-Nice-of-Them-So-I-Just-*KNOW*-Something-Pain-In-The-A$$ets-Will-Probably-Happen-Now-$10.-GIFT-CARD!!


Well... Apparently, THEY "believe" that the Milk I bought - [They never did mention on WHICH Date] - *may* NOT have been AS Fresh as IT was supposed to be...??

I'm thinking, with all of this 95F-plus Temps for the last 3 Weeks, that "Some" Savvy-Challenged-Shopper Neglected to CHECK the DATE on Their Dairy Purchase, and had IT in Their Barbecue-Mobile for several HOURS - [and, *NOT* IN A **COOLER**!!] - whilst They did Their "Weekly" Grocery-Getting. Then, b*tched about IT having gone BAD...?

Regardless as to whether THIS is The Case...

PEOPLE! - GET. A. **CLUE**!! - ALWAYS bring a COOLER, *WITH* ICE, in Your Vehicle WHEN shopping for Groceries in WARM WEATHER! **ESPECIALLY** if You are buying FROZEN / PERISHABLE Goods!

-- And People *wonder* WHY They get Food-Poisoning or E. COLI! ...d'uh!

Hell! We carry Iced-Coolers while doing Groceries in the WINTER when it's -20!

Whatever... The CARD was a Pleasant Surprise!

Of course, THAT "Moment" only lasted for *so* long... The almost 2-Hour WAIT I had at "Some" Thingy I was at Later in the Day, pretty much quashed the Novelty away! -- However, I did bring My Yarn, just in case... Got THIS far -


Sunday, July 24, 2011

I had *Intended*...

TO DO Useful, "Productive" STUFF Today... YEAH! Right! -- Hel-loooo? "VEG DAY"!!

...okay.. I washed Sheets... Still have to get Them ON the Bed though... It'll be the NEXT THING-TO-DO once I Post THIS!

However, FIRST, I have to come up with "Something" to Bloog ABOUT!

Well. I've got Nothing...

It *happens* with that whole VEGGING Thing...

So... I Read. Threw Bedding into the Wash. Read. Ate Tasty Junkfood.
Read... Piddled Online. Hung Washing up. Read some more...

Oh, BTW, it was Cooler, Today! Rumours of RAIN for Tomorrow...

Anyhoo... Just so You have SOMETHING *Worth* Your Time,
"HERE"... HERE is a Better PIC of that Recent MOABOALOHA...

I've got a BED to make...


Saturday, July 23, 2011



Anyhoo... My Dear BABY-BRO and His Awesome WIFE, have managed to get through Their FIRST YEAR of "REAL LIFE"'s *Machinations* in One Cohesive Piece of Familial Bliss! And, to "Celebrate", They're presently in the midst of moving into a Lovely New House... I can't Wait to "BLANKET" IT!

Until Then, on to TODAY's "Adventures"...

Despite the *actual* "COOLNESS" of the Mid-Morning, The HEAT quickly caught up SOON enough!

The UPSIDE, a Lot LESS People on the Roads - [..well, except at WALMART..].

The DOWNSIDE, NOT a Lot of YARD SALES going on! We found ONE in Our Neighbourhood. ALL We got were a couple of IKEA 20x20" Flat Cushion Fibre-Fill Forms... They roll-up quite well - I'm thinking of making those Small Rolled Back Cushions...? Perhaps use some of My Thick Cotton Yarn...

Anyway... Today, We decided to head over to TRAINYARDS - haven't been There for a while. And, MICHAEL'S *was* having this 15% OFF on EVERYTHING Sale!

We *enjoyed* the A/C for an Hour and, I got THIS STUFF! - MOTHER bought Scrapbooking Sheets and a Container to put Them in...

THESE were *already* REDUCED... And, One can NEVER have TOO many RIBBONS!
- Got the "PEACE SIGN" ones for PRINCESS PRE-TEEN. Because She's "into" That "60s" Thing! And, because I really AM*GREAT* Great-Auntie!

Bought the MARY ENGLEBREIT Wrapping Paper because IT was *Cool* and Colourful and also, seriously ON SALE!!

Afterward, it was Grocery-Getting, HOME to put away the Frozen Food [Despite having 2 Coolers in The CAR - always! - Stuff still only lasts so long in this Heat!] and, to take a "Break". Then, off to THE MALL... Had Losing-LOTTERY-Tickets to GET!


Friday, July 22, 2011

I **KNEW** There Was "Something" That I FORGOT Yesterday!!


"BAD!" screwed-up Calendar! -- I just had this NAGGY Feeling ALL Day that I was "missing" Something... It's this HEAT! Messes with EVERYthing!

Although... it was *Slightly* more LIVEABLE than Yesterday!! The Humidex ONLY went up to 36C, instead of 47C. -- SUCH a Difference! ...Makes You just *WANT* to Wear a SHORT-Sleeve rather than going Sleeve-LESS!


I *FINALLY* Finished the Latest MOABOALOHA that I've been piddling with all Week...

HERE's just a quickie Pic - I'm going to do a Better One in DAYLIGHT, later...


Thursday, July 21, 2011

IT's Sooo **HOT** Today...


The TOP TEMP of the Day BUBBLED up to 36C [96.8F] with a Humidex of 47C [116.6F]!! -- Even HOOK HAVEN wasn't as Refreshing as IT usually is...

AND, of course, there was "SOMEPLACE" that I just HAD to be AT *during* this particular Peak-Period! -- THANKFULLY, That Location had GREAT A/C!! -- Which, made getting BACK into The BARBEQUE MOBILE a definite Chore!

Anyway... IT "all" wouldn't be so BAD - IF, I could only be THERE!! - [BELOW]

I'm even *almost* wishing that I was BACK to Doing THIS!!

"ALMOST"... I think My Brain is MELTING too... ah! Careful! The Floor's a little sticky...


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cool MAIL!!

FROM A COOL "MALE"! -- oh, and, from My SISTER, too!

As I have this *NEED* to ACQUIRE YARN and RHINOS and, to COLLECT waay too many "THINGS"
- [HEY! IT's *ALL* GOOD STUFF!!] - My "MARTHA STEWART"-CLONE Younger Sibling has this *Passion* for "THEME"-PARTIES, Re-Decorating, and Sending CARDS! ...For *ANY* Reason!

I'm not quite at Liberty to "Discuss" - HERE - the unlying Circumstances for Her most Recent Postal-Participation. Suffice to say, She was being a GREAT SISTER!

Of course, I could have done without the enclosed FELINE-Photos - She *knows* that I DISLIKE CATS! - however, They were for MOTHER anyway...

MEANWHILE... As to WHAT I *had* been EXPECTING...

Remember - [SEE 28JAN2011 POST] - the Detective-Noir-Mystery-Vampire NOVEL -


- that had come OUT on My

WELL... The Author - TREVOR MUNSON - and I have since become TWEET-PALS...

Hence, He sent Me one of His BOOKMARKERS! - [LEFT]

IT looks so very COOL *inside* The BOOK!

Anyhoo... Be sure to CHECK OUT TREVOR's Terrific - [NOT for Children!] - TOME! -- There's now a *KINDLE* Version available...

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