Friday, March 11, 2011


HEY! The RAIN - it Stopped...!

And, *wow*... there ISN'T as *much* WATER out There as I had expected! Last Night's WIND worked... -- I'd do a *Happy Dance*, but there's still ICE, and I'd only end up Hurting Myself!

Whatever... It's TIME I *escape* the House for a Moment. ALONE. There are a couple of Food
"Specials" that I need to get, whilst I have the opportunity. A Lottery Ticket to CASH-IN. And,
"Water-Proof" BOOTS to BUY!!

Everything is at *one* particular STRIP MALL - I'll be done in an Hour. Tops!

MARK'S WORK WEARHOUSE - *The* Store to go to for all that Pro/Am Outdoor "Work" Clothing... I don't need any Fancy-Fashion-Splashy-Puddle Boots. I *NEED* Water-PROOF-Muck-About Boots!

There was This WALL... I never realized that there were SO many to Choose from... And, the Prices were a LOT LESS than I had expected!

Hmm... I could get those Heavy-Duty-Reinforced-Toe-Macho-A-Case-Of-Beer-And-A-Bulldozer-Comes-With-Them Boots. However, I hate Beer and I'm not planning on Blasting River-ICE anytime soon. Besides which, I don't think They make them in My Size... Nuts!

I suppose I'll have to go with THESE, "Women's" Shape-Size Ones... Fortunately, They still have a Pair IN My Size LEFT! -- Meanwhile, I'll pick up another Pair of LACES for My Regular Boots, so that I'll have enough Merchandise to utilize that $10. OFF COUPON!

After I returned Home from My Hour of FREEDOM, I set out to FIELD TEST My Purchase, whilst The ELDERLY PARENTAL-UNITS were off doing Their Shopping...

Oooo! It's sooo nice to walk THROUGH the Water and NOT worry about getting My Footwear SOAKED! -- I *really* should have gotten These *LAST Week*! Would have saved Me tons of Grief.

Anyhoo... 2 Hours later, most of the ICE & WATER has been removed from the Front Walk and Pathway. There's still a bunch at the Side of the House, but that's a difficult Area to "Drain" properly at this Time. We need a few Days of SUNLIGHT to go with the Warmer Temps!

And, thankfully, there wasn't any more RAIN for most of the Day! THAT seriously *did* HELP! Then again, there're Predictions of additional Snow AND Rain Tomorrow...

Oh, well... COULD be WORSE!!


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  1. love the boots sno didnt they have them in pink??hehe hugs tinkx


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