Tuesday, March 8, 2011

WHAT?! *Another* MAG?!


P. 36, 38 - HERMÈS!

P. 46 - Love the GERVASONI Shaker-style ROCKER.

P. 58 - And the Rattan PALECEK Chairs.. The Armrests have built-in spots for Beverage Glasses and Reading Material!

P. 62, 64 - Fabulous CUBED WINDOW SEAT Design!

P. 72-76 - From the COVER Pic... A "Summer House" - think Pool House sans Pool, but still with
that Clean "Beach" Flavour. A very calming little Hide-away...

P. 80-86 - Wonderful "Classic" feel of ART DECO throughout the Living and Dining Rooms. Sleek
Kitchen - intriguing Pendant Lights!

P. 100 - I like the BLUE & WHITE Upholstry - would go great with a matching Dinner Service - however, it's a tad overwhelming for the Dining Room Chairs. The marvelous Table is heavy enough in appearance. Showing off some Chair Leg would balance out the Delicacy of the Elegant Chandelier. The RUG just doesn't *go* with "anything", either!

P. 106-111 - [LEFT] - As much as the Pendant Light has an unique *Look*, those silly little Shades sort of kill the Mood...

P. 112-117 - A very cozy and "Wheelchair-Accessible" Country Chic Home. Gorgeous Dark Wood Flooring and Black Marble FIREPLACE.

P. 118-119 - Another old House, with Reclaimed Wood throughout.

P. 122 - YAY! Someone from Ottawa!! Scrumptious "Breakfast" Nook vignette! -- I want those Chairs!

BTW, sorry that I don't have more Pics as I did for the Previous Magazines - there just aren't any Posted on Their Website YET!


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