Thursday, February 28, 2013



It's *doubtful* that I'm WRONG, but I'm pretty damn sure that "THE WALL" EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY **CONSTRUCTED** at Our CURB, *WOULD* have been SEEN-FROM-ORBIT were it not for the Cloud-Coverage!!

A Mountain of DRY SNOW "BOULDERS" is ONE-Thing, *however*, the WET "IGLOO"-Quality MONOLITHIC CHUNKS were a *DIFFERENT* Matter altogether!!

Toss in Several MORE Inches of FROZEN-SLUSH, MELTWATER "EveryWHERE", and FALLING Treetop-SNOW-BOMBS... IT was looking to be a *LONG-CRAPPY-DAY*!! -- There's a REASON "WHY" I tend to *Sleep-IN*...

FATHER went Out First -- He wanted to get some "Fresh-Air"...

It would be several Minutes before I made it Out with My "GEAR". And, to have a Good LOOK at My "SCHEDULE"...

ahh... huh. -- OLD-ASIAN-GUY-NEIGHBOUR from Across the Road - [Right-side of MADAME-Q's Former House] - and His Next-Door-Neighbour, OLDER-FRENCH-GUY-NEIGHBOUR - [They have adjoining Laneways] - are Using "Their" SNOWBLOWER to *DESTROY* "THE WALL"!!


well. **THAT** just SAVED Me TWO-HOURS!!

Mind you, it was a bit worrisome though, watching OLD-ASIAN-GUY-NEIGHBOUR *STRUGGLING* with the BLOWER! Especially, when He SLIPPED at one point!! -- He's also Short and a tad UN-steady on His feet... And, handling the MACHINE like IT was an OLD-MANUAL-DIRT-PLOW, certainly wasn't the "Best" way to be doing it. AS, OLDER-FRENCH-GUY-NEIGHBOUR kept trying to Remind Him!

Meanwhile, I kept having to pull FATHER *OUT* of the Way of the SPRAY!!

So.... THREE "OLD GUYS". A BIG Snowblower. LOUDNESS. And, a TON of PLOW-POOP...

A Richness in COMEDIC-FODDER just waiting to be Composed! -- "BOYS & Their TOYS" came first to Mind as I stood aside, with SHOVEL in Hand...


I still ended up staying Out for a COUPLE of Hours "Trimming" the LEFTOVERS. -- Had to DIG-OUT "SEWER-RIVER-RAVINE" from under the 3-FEET of SNOW-SPRAY... PUDDLES were beginning to Form!

And then, there was ALL this CRAP at the HOUSE-SIDE! -- TOO much, actually... Must've fell from the ROOF..? - A Good Thing that I had *CLEARED* the Area, Yesterday!

TEMPS are still "WARM". *Additional* FLURRIES are Predicted! -- I *truly* HOPE that WHATever falls, MELTS by Morning! AND, that EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY **DOESN'T** make another "GUEST" Appearance!?! -- The ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNITS **NEED** to "Get-OUT", Tomorrow!!

And, as MUCH as I'd LIKE to "Stay-IN", I strongly Suspect that SCRAPING and SCOOPING will *CONTINUE* in My "FUTURE"...


Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I really *HATE* WET SNOW!!

"SCOOPY" was My GO-TO-GUY!! -- Light-Weight. *SKINNY* for those HARD-to-GET-to-Spots! And, with *just* THE RIGHT "CURVE" to Scoop WATER and FLING-AWAY the FLAKES!


The SHAFT snapped right below the Scoop-Base-Cup... Will probably have to take a CORK-SCREW DRILL-BIT, or whatever, to pull out the Remaining WOOD. -- You know, that's the SECOND TIME that I've SNAPPED the Shaft on that THING! IT got *too* WET the Last Time, too!

I'm thinking that a METAL Shaft would be BEST Next Time. Or, a Metal CUFF around a HARDWOOD One at that *troublesome* Area... That *sort* of Thing appears to work on My METAL-SHOVEL. - Although, after TODAY's "CONDITIONS", I'm also thinking about wrapping some TAPE over IT as a minor Water-PROOFING effort and RE-inforcement!

The DAY's "SNOW-DUMP" was rather NASTY!

The TEMPS have been hovering over the Freezing-Mark, so PRECIPITATION "QUALITY" has been ANNOYINGLY UN-Predictable!! AS has that rather LARGE STORM to the SOUTH... Once again, We've been "BRUSHED" by the NORTHERN-EDGE. Only, THIS Time...

Around SUN-UP, IT began... BIG-FAT-FLUFFY-FAST-and-FURIOUSLY-FALLING-FLAKES filling the Air!! And, with the WIND *whipping* Them sideways... Just like being in a COTTON-CANDY-MACHINE. -- EXCEPT, "THIS" was COTTON-*SLUSH*!!

A good 4-Inches on the Ground by the Time I got Out... ANY *MORE*, and I WOULD have Broken SCOOPY a LOT Earlier!! -- THINK - WET *CEMENT*.

And THEN, there's the "FUNNY"-Part, where the "Spot" that has JUST been *Shovelled*, is INSTANTLY Replaced with ANOTHER Quarter-Inch LAYER of "DEJA-SNOW"... -- oh. yeah. and, let's NOT "FORGET" about The-SNOW-BEYOND-The-CURB..??

The GOOD NEWS -- EVIL-SNOWBLOW-GUY hadn't come by. YET.



AFTER *THREE-HOURS*, I was pretty much SOAKED THROUGH from the continuing onslaught of Badly-DISGUISED-*RAIN*-DROPS! -- Time to DRY-OUT!! And, SAVE whatever "ENERGY" I have LEFT for TOMORROW's Episode of... "SCOOPY'S REVENGE"!

Rumour has it that EVIL-SNOWBLOW-GUY has PLOW-POOPED at My CURB..?!



Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"HAT-TAMALE" Tuesday!!

FINALLY! -- HOT OFF THE-NEEDLES!! And, so much so, THE SUN came OUT, too!! -- WOOHOO!!

"Classic Wool"
- 100% New WOOL
- [made in TURKEY]
- Colour: 77711-Magnolia
- Colour: 77223-Lemongrass


Monday, February 25, 2013



WHO, She pretty much had to raise since the Year after THIS PIC was Taken...
However, THAT's a *STORY* for Another Day!

...Which - I hope - will be FAR *more* "exciting" than THIS ONE!! -- Familial-"Celebrations" aside...

I think THE SUN is taking the Week "OFF"..?? - Still *DARK* Out There... And, rather DULL, *despite* the FRESH-From-the-MAILBOX-"2013-COLOUR-TRENDS"-DECOR-MAG-*ISSUE*! - As well as, the *slow* THAW... That's *sans* RAIN! -- so far...

At least, "Shovelling" was NOT *Involved*!! -- YAY!! -- well... Except perhaps, for some CYBER-Digging..? A bit of Digital-Paperwork was in need of Doing...

oh. hey! LATEST-HAT should be Done Tomorrow! Only has ONE more Panel to go....


Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Little Bit of THIS...Although, Not-So-Much of THAT...

  • Slept in... Not like I was missing much.
  • Not enough Clothes for a "Full" Laundry-Load.
  • Above "FREEZING"... There's a SLOW THAW going on.
  • oh. look... a couple of flakes...
  • oh. *good*! some of the ICE is actually breaking...
  • "Pineapple" was CONSUMED Today...
  • RE-watching the DVDs...
  • Got a Couple more Panels done on the CURRENT HAT.
  • Just outright DARK Out, now.
  • Running out of BLOOG "IDEAS"...
FRAK! -- I *NEED* a "LIFE"!!

  • I'll have to Cut-up that ORANGE-PEPPER Tomorrow to *Spice* Things UP!


Saturday, February 23, 2013

NO "Pineapples" were Consumed during the Writing of THIS POST!

WOW. WHAT A DULL, DARK, DEPRESSING DAY OUT THERE... Then again, IT *could* be WORSE! At least, IT DIDN'T **RAIN**!!

To be Honest, I really *didn't* want to go "Out"... Although, some Shovelling around the Side of the HOUSE could've USED some Doing... Some of the ICE that's been there might be REMOVABLE, now..?

Alas, however, MOTHER needed to get Yogurt! - [BTW, can't stand the Stuff!] - So... Despite the odd "Shower" of TEENY-TINY-SNOW-PELLETS, OFF We were to THE MALL! -- And, did I "mention" HOW *ACHY* THE BODY was Feeling with the MILD-*DAMPISH*-TEMPS..? Or, the Part where I STILL had to SHOVEL a bit BEFORE We Left..?!?

Needless to say, "AUNTIE" was in a generally GRUMPY-Mood...

UNTIL.. SHE came across "DANNO RAMBINO"!!

When You go into the Grocery Store, there are these BIG BINS of Various "EASTER"Y-Stuffed-CREATURES... Sheep, Bunnies, Chicks... As well as, BIG SHEEP similar to "STEVE McSHEEP" - [SEE 03APR2011 POST] - along with Long-Legged MEDIUM Ones and, SMALLER - [10-Inch high] - Ones like DANNO...

However, HE was high atop a Bunch of OTHER-"Creatures" on a Shelf several meters away... All by HIS LONESOME...

really. -- How could I **NOT** Give HIM a "HOME"?!! huh?

Besides, *other* than the Brief Moment of that CHOCOLATE-*WHATEVER*-Food-Sample from the REALLY-CUTE-STRAPPING-YOUNG-LAD, My Little-"RAMBINO" ended up being pretty much *THE* Highlight of My Day!!


Friday, February 22, 2013

The FIRST RULE for a *Successful* VEG-FEST...

...SLEEP-*IN*!! - *VERY* LATE!! -- Although, it does *Help* if One can actually GET to Bed BEFORE "4am"!?! ...just saying...

NOT having to SHOVEL, *also* Assists in One's Goals for an UN-encumbered Day!

So, I managed to get all of those Busy-Necessary-Little-CYBER-Chores OUT of the Way, whilst The-ELDERLY-PARENTALS-UNITS were off doing Their "Shopping"... HENCE, Freeing-up My Time to BEGIN the LONG-Awaited-VIEWING of My *NEW* SECOND SEASON of "GAME OF THRONES" DVDs!!

And, oh yeah, I squeezed in *some* KNITTING, too...

HOWEVER, there's STILL ONE *LAST* DISC left... I'll have to SAVE IT for Tomorrow... nuts!!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Forgot that IT was *THURSDAY*! And NOT, *DISCOUNT-TUESDAY*!!


I really didn't get *that* much SLEEP Last Night -- THE BODY has just been ACHING *too* much! I really do NEED to find a Couple of "NICE DAYS" in a Row to "REST-UP" and GET to that PHYSIO-CLINIC just down the Road around the Corner... My BAD-SHOULDER is beginning to Spread...

ANYHOO... At LEAST, I had a SUNNY DAY for This Week's SOLO-SHOPPING-DAY! Managed to cram in Several STORES and "Errand"-Stops within 4-Hours... TOTALLY **WASTED** NOW!!

-- And, I probably *shouldn't* have Eaten so much of My Salty JUNK-Food either... I just ended up having to NAP Mid-Evening *when* I wanted to be doing OTHER Stuff!! - So much for My "Schedule" of NEW-DVD-PURCHASE-VIEWING-NIGHT...

The SECOND SEASON of "GAME OF THRONES" came out on Tuesday, which I DIDN'T have the Opportunity to Purchase THEN. But, *Fortunately*, the Cheapest-Price had been at COSTCO - My FIRST Stop of the Day... THAT, saved Me from having to go to a Couple of Other Places!

NEXT, was an Errand to run just past TRAINYARDS, along a rather NASTY-POTHOLED-ROAD!! -- My *POOR* BABY-CAR!!

Popped into the WALMART for a *Certain* Grocery Item, that was NOT-IN-STOCK... pooh! -- Although, I did get Another New DVD that I wanted, so the "Trip" wasn't a complete waste of Time.

Over to MICHAEL'S... And, THIS is the Part where I *FORGOT* that IT *wasn't* SENIORS'-DISCOUNT-DAY! Otherwise, I *wouldn't* have Bought 5-BALLS of YARN that I really DIDN'T "NEED"!

-- wait. Did I just Say THAT..?? I really MUST be TIRED!

Whatever... I also ran into MANAGER-DAVE for a Few Minutes to "Catch-Up"...

Had more Groceries to get... Ended up spending more Time in the CHECKOUT-LINE! -- The ANNOYING-COUPLE ahead of Me were giving the POOR-FRUSTRATED-ABOUT-TO-HAVE-A-"MELTDOWN"-PRETTY-CASHIER a rather DIFFICULT Time! - Glad that I didn't have any FROZEN-FOOD in My Cart! However, My "WAIT" was Rewarded with Finding a Bright-Shiny-QUARTER on the way Out!

I'll have to Add IT to the "YARN-PAYING-FUND"... hmm... I need to to Find a cute little SHEEP-BANK.

The SUN was about to SET, so off to the Last Stop - THE MALL...

A few more Odd Grocery Bits... JUNK-FOOD! -- oh. And that Afore-mentioned "Certain-Grocery-Item", a HELPFUL-YOUNG-LAD-STOCK-PERSON actually Found a *LAST-ONE* that was HIDING on a High-Shelf for Me!! -- YAY!!

Well... guess I'll have to save the DVD-Viewing for Tomorrow... I feel a FRIDAY-*VEG*-FEST coming on!! -- "NOW", I just have to get some Proper SLEEP!!



Wednesday, February 20, 2013




So. I'm not certain IF "COPY"-KAT already knew how to KNIT or not..?? - However, *Word* had it that She wanted to LEARN "HOW" to CROCHET!

AND, seeing as She's just as ACADEMIC as Her SISTER - [I've lost Count on how many *DEGREES* They have between Them!] - apparently The-"FAIRY"-MUM decided to put all of *that* EDUCATION to the Test with the CHRISTMAS GIFT of some "SUPPLIES" AND a CROCHET-"HOW-TO"-BOOK!!

Personally, I'm more than *quite* IMPRESSED with the RESULTS!!

*IF* ever, I have to take My *BUSINESS* "OFF-SHORE", I now *know* WHERE and WHO to take IT *TO*!!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

After Getting Back on the SHOVEL, I Could DO With a Couple of...


"Classic Wool"
- 100% New WOOL
- [made in TURKEY]
- Colour: 77251-Light Grey Marl
- Colour: 77223-Lemongrass


Monday, February 18, 2013

oh. "Lovely". Just GRRR-EAT!! -- again??!!


seriously? -- You know, this whole "NEW & IMPROVED", "FASTER", "BETTER" **CRAP** that appears to be the "Trend" in CYBER-WORLD, is *REALLY* beginning to **ANNOY** ME!!!

BECAUSE, "F.Y.I.", IT **AIN'T**!! -- Quite frankly, there are FEW - if ANY - actual "IMPROVEMENTS". **SLOWER**!! And, "BETTER" for WHO?? Certainly NOT Me!!

Not so long ago, IT was THIS Site - BLOGGER - with ITS *NEW* "Bells & Whistles", ecetera... ah. "NEWS-FLASH", GUYS -- *NOT*! - IT's still taking Me at least 3-Times MORE Time to Write My POSTS because of Keyboard *LAGGING! And, FREEZE-UPS, *LOST* DATA, and general BUGGINESS!!

Then, there's the Current PHOTOBUCKET-Countdown-to-Probable-DOOM!! -- UPLOADS have been TEDIOUS as "Resources" over There seem to be Diverted ELSEWHERE..? - At least They've FINALLY *STOPPED* with those frakking BETA-SITE-POP-UP-CYBER-JACKINGS!!

*NOTE*... IF You would like Your "MEMBERS" to *TRY* Your BETA-SITE, ***ASK*** Them FIRST!! -- SNATCHING Them AWAY from What They are DOING is just plain RUDE!! And, oh yeah, IT was BUGGY and SUCKED, too!

Anyhoo, the LATEST Soon-to-NO-Doubt-Make-My-Life-HELL-When-I-LEAST-Need-IT-to-BE-Bit-of-CYBER-CHAOS is that "HOTMAIL" is about to be ASSIMILATED by "OUTLOOK"..?? -- huh. THAT should all go "SEAMLESSLY"... eh?

Honestly, between the dubious MAYAN-MATH and the Recent COSMIC "BATTING"-Practices, I feel like I'm in a badly written "BORG"-Episode!!?! - "Resistance to The BLOOG is Futile"

BTW, the first "REPLICATOR-SPIDER" I see, I-AM-**OUT**-OF-HERE!!


Sunday, February 17, 2013

ooops! ALMOST Forgot to Hang that 2nd Load of LAUNDRY!

-- Although, I CAN "Fold" a pretty mean TOWEL...

And, a T-SHIRT... In FACT, *many* Years ago, a Former-[For-Lack-of-a-Better-Word]-"BOYFRIEND"-at-the-Time was quite amazed at My *ABILITY* to FOLD His T-Shirts into such SMALL-Shapes! -- And He was "CAREER"-MILITARY...

Then again, I've always had a "Knack" for PACKING-TOO-*MANY*-THINGS into VERY-LIMITED-ODDLY-SHAPED-SPACES... IT's a "GIFT"...


I *didn't* have to SHOVEL, Today!! Or, go SHOPPING... HOWEVER, I *did* have a NEED-to-KNIT!! -- And, *DO* LAUNDRY... I just got side-tracked with DOING "THIS"...


Saturday, February 16, 2013


MY ELDEST GREAT-NIECE, PRINCESS PRE-TEEN, HAS ADVANCED TO "PRINCESS TEEN-*E!*-ATOR" LEVEL!! -- Yes. She's Officially, "..One of THEM.." now! -- scar-y...



*AND*, "FREE-TAX-DAY" at LOBLAWS!! - ALSO, "25%-OFF-ENTIRE-PURCHASE-[including-sale-items]-COUPON" DAY at MICHAEL'S!!

oh. Look! -- The VALENTINE'S-DAY-STUFF is even MORE REDUCED....

The "M&M" FAN is totally COOL! -- And, let's face it, One can *never* have ENOUGH "PEZ"!!

Believe IT or Not, MOTHER has a Similarly-SIZED-Sack-of-STUFF!! -- Needless to Say, with FOUR BAGS jammed into My Cart, AMANDA went on Her "BREAK" *AFTER* Checking Me OUT!!

We had been There for well OVER an Hour!! -- The TRUNK was FULL...

Meanwhile, can't WAIT to Try-Out that "MAGNOLIA" Colour... IT's been around for a while - I've just not Brought ANY until Now. However, THIS Particular DYE LOT seems to have Potential..?
-- Think I'll Use IT with some of the PINKS and "see" WHERE IT takes Me...

oh. Look...


...and, *NO* SPACE to PUT Them *ANY*-where!!

-- I might have to *shove* the TINS into Them!

After an "almost"-Quickie Stop at DOLLARAMA - [got My Supply of WORK-GLOVES stocked-up] - We high-tailed it to THE MALL...

And, actually *GOT* some Groceries! -- scari-EST!!


Friday, February 15, 2013

**IF** You are READING **THIS**, then I can "Probably" ASSUME..


..Well, EXCEPT for Those POOR UN-FORTUNATE FOLKS in The URALS that kinda got *SMUCKED* when that OTHER NOT-so-*STELLAR* WARM-UP-BAND "The METEORS" had Their *SONIC-BOOM*-Box-Speakers turned up to Nose-BLEED-Level... A *rather* NASTY bit of Business!! -- [The Impact even registered on the International SEISMIC Sites! - ouch!]

And, AS that ORBITAL-FLY-BY-TRESPASSING was being Perpetrated, I was just Clearing up some OTHER Overnight SKY-DROPPINGS... The WIND was also blowing up a *fuss*! However, since the Temps were on the WARM-side, *that* little Breeze was somewhat HELPFUL...

Although, at the Moment, Temps are DROPPING once more. -- hmm...That whole GRAVITATIONAL-*CHUMMINESS* appears to be a bit of a "Theme", Today. Isn't IT?!


So. HERE's that PIC of Yesterday's Bundle of BOOTY! -- The RIBBONS were going for $1.29 and the HOOKS were REDUCED to $1.74 because One was Missing... At *that* Price, I'm not going to say "No" to METAL HOOKS, *even* though I already have Those SIZES! -- Besides, ONE can NEVER have *enough* HOOKS!

oh. And, the TIN was HALF-Price, too! -- of course!


Thursday, February 14, 2013



HONESTLY! I had hoped to be UP and OUT *much* Earlier, however, I *still* didn't Leave until almost 2pm!! -- Then again, I also DIDN'T get THIS MOA-BOALOHA Finished until AFTER 3am - THIS Morning!!


"Classic Wool"
- 100% New WOOL
- [made in TURKEY]
- Colour: 77435-Water Chestnut
- Colour: 77223-Lemongrass
- Colour: 77251-Light Grey Marl
- Colour: 77404-Orchid

FIRST STOP - BULK BARN for Bunches of Comatose-CALORIE-Content-**CANDY** for the CRAFTY-CLERKS of MICHAEL'S!! -- I had One of those TAKE-OUT-BOXES that I had previously purchased There, to "FILL-UP"...

oh. SWEET! - A New CANDY STORE just Opened TODAY over at THE MALL!! Oooo!! AND, FUDGE SAMPLES!! -- I'll have to Check THEM out *again*, Later...

OFF to MICHAEL'S... Sat in MY Second-FAV-Parking-Spot for several Minutes sorting out STUFF. -- hmm..Those BOXES are just a bit *FUSSY*! A Good-Thing that I got Them *ON-SALE*!

Spotted AMANDA with a CUSTOMER, and asked for a "Location" on MANAGER-DAVE...

wow. IT's been THREE WEEKS since I've seen Him LAST! -- And, "WHERE" do I Find Him..? By the Janitorial-Room, about to CLEAN the RESTROOMS!

-- You know, it didn't come to Me until Later, but, what a **NICE** "BOSS" to be Doing THAT on VALENTINE'S DAY for His "GIRLS"!!

Anyhoo... I Delivered the TAKE-OUT-CANDIES to Him to put into the STAFF-BREAK-ROOM. -- EVERYONE should be totally SUGAR-HIGH by the End of the Day! -- We Small-Talked for a bit, then I left Him to DO His "Thing"...

ANDREA was working CHECKOUT... And, once the Odd CUSTOMER was done, I gave Her
"DRAGONFRUIT"... Whilst AMANDA was across the way at the Other "CASH", so I handed over "HADRIANNA" -- I had Promised Her a HAT before...

She promptly popped IT on! -- IT Matched Her Clothes...

Somehow, I suspect that She may end up "Living" IN IT..!?

Which, IS Good. My "BABIES" Deserve to to be *LOVED*!

Meanwhile, She also took some of My Business-Cards...

"Networking" is another GOOD THING!

And, *yeah*, I Bought STUFF! -- Some MORE YARN! [duh!] And, RIBBON...

Perhaps I'll "PIC" Them, Tomorrow.

AFTER spreading the "HOLIDAY-CHEER", I moved on to WALMART for Groceries... Then, toward THE BIG MALL...

I seriously DO have to STOP Buying MORE CLOTHES!! -- BUT, the 2 TOPS I got at THE GAP *were* ON-SALE!! Besides, NAVY and CORAL are "Classy"-Colours... Not to mention, the Store's Latest "Colour-Combos" are Intriguing... Let's just say, that ANDREA's MOA-BOALOHA *will* Coordinate!

-- I only wish that I had Those SHADES in COTTON YARN, instead of just WOOL...

I was BACK to THE MALL afterward to Finish-up the OTHER Stuff that needed to be done over There. -- Only to be subjected to the sight of MORE MEN-*with*-FLOWERS-[Secretly-Hoping-to-GET-*Lucky*]! Although, One SMART-GUY had a POTTED-PLANT..? -- Expresses more "Commitment" I think.

Personally, at this point, I'm pretty much SMITTEN-in-My-Tracks with just being able to GAZE at CUTE-TALL-YOUNG-STRAPPING-LADS and NOT get *ARRESTED*!! - Legally and/or

I might have "NO LIFE", but I *AIN'T* "DEAD" YET!!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WOO-HOOOOO!!! -- The **OUTSIDE** World!!

...yeah. ooh-kaay... SO IT'S JUST COSTCO! -- But still....

However, My "ESCAPE From ROAD CRAP MOUNTAIN" was somewhat BRIEF! The-ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNITS were in need of THE CAR as well, Today... BUT, *Tomorrow* is MINE!! -- Just HOPE the Weather HOLDS..?!!

MEANWHILE, I've Finished the LAST SCARF! -- A *MIX* of COLOUR... PICS will be "UP" in a Day or so. NO Time Tonight. I have "THINGS" to Prep for VALENTINE'S DAY!

So. I making THIS **REALLY** Short!! -- Sorry...


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Should I SHOP..? Or, SHOVEL..?

-- THE *SLUSH* WON OUT... pooh!!

Apparently, the Overnight's odd Fluffy-FLURRY transformed into a Few Inches of HEAVY-WET-SNOW as the Morning Temps ROSE above "FREEZING"! -- I *hate* that STUFF! - SCRAPING IT into "place" is tough enough, but the *actual* SHOVELLING Part..? NOT-so-Fun!! -- As in, TRYING-to-*CLEAR*-the-TOP-of-the-5-FEET-HIGH-*SNOW-WALL*-With-the-**BAD**-SHOULDER..?

I STRONGLY *DISLIKE* having to RE-Scoop every OTHER Shovel-LOAD because of Slide-BACK!

well... At LEAST, EVIL-SNOWPLOY-GUY didn't Leave Me a "WALL"!! - Just a HALF-FOOT-HIGH Layer of Not-Quite-SLUSH-*YET*-Road-SLUDGE... "Theoretically", I probably COULD have taken THE CAR Out, however, IT rides LOW... And, there were Several *MYSTERY*-CHUNKY-Bits about that I didn't want to RISK Driving *over*!!

I'll make ANOTHER Attempt, Tomorrow. I hope...

Sooo... MELTING is happening. IF RAIN can stay AWAY, then perhaps any *FLASH*-FLOODING can be PREVENTED! -- Even BETTER, *maybe*, I can ESCAPE for long enough to get a FEW *NEEDED* Items...?? - That SNOWED-IN-SPENDING-SUSPENSION-SAVINGS-PLAN is becoming NUMBING!

And, so IS My ARM! - I really DO have to get IT "Properly" LOOKED-AT! **WHEN** I can get a "Break"..?

You know... Having *ANOTHER* ALL-THE-WATER-GOT-*SUCKED-UP*-WARM-WIND-STORM - like 2 Weeks ago - WOULD be *most* "HELPFUL" right about NOW..?! -- [..just wishing..]

nah... I'm *not* THAT Lucky!!

oh-kay... Time to HOOK... Seeing as I'm not Going ANYwhere...


Monday, February 11, 2013

oops!! - I really am keeping "Vampire"-HOURS!!

GOT UP REALLY, *REALLY* LATE!! -- Then again, I'm also NOT getting to Bed UNTIL *5am*-ish!!

Usually, the "SUNLIGHT" coming into My Room "helps"... However, when IT's DREARY Out, not-so-much! -- I also wasn't looking forward to dealing with the Probable bit of Overnight SNOW or, FREEZING-RAIN Results..?? - But, THANKFULLY, there was just a "Dusting" and FATHER took care of IT Earlier, when He was bringing in the Trash-Cans.

Besides, He rather likes to get His "FRESH-AIR" and a bit of "Exercise" in...

MEANWHILE, ONCE I was UP and about, there was some CYBERness in need of attention.

hmm... My "CABLE"-BILL has INCREASED a Few DOLLARS! -- Gave "THEM" a *CALL* concerning a Different-Minor-Matter - [surprisingly, got a VERY-NICE-EXTREMELY-HELPFUL-YOUNG-LADY-OPERATOR for a change!] - and, eventually ended up with a DISCOUNT! - Which, "coincidentally" got My RATE down to 5-Cents *above* What I USED TO Pay..??!

[*sigh*] -- One of these Days, I'm might have to just Acquire some of THEIR "STOCK" in order to get BACK some of "THEIR" PROFITS!! -- You know,

 "..If You can't BEAT Them, *BUY* Them!"

oh. And, I got Started on yet *another* SCARF. - I'm hoping to get IT done Tomorrow.

Actually, managing to get some SHOPPING done would also be a welcomed ACCOMPLISHMENT! - Of course, THAT might just get put-off AGAIN due to SHOVELLING!? We KEEP getting these ANNOYING little FLURRIES and spots of RAIN and RISING Temps! -- "SCHEDULING" has become "PROBLEMATIC"!!

AS WELL AS, "Getting-TO-Bed" at a *NORMAL* Hour..? - Which, IT *isn't* at THIS MOMENT, BTW!

So. NO *Pithy* Adventures or PICS for Today! Gotta get SOME Sleep, so I can Shovel *AND* SHOP Tomorrow!?! -- *IF*, My Rotten-ROTATOR-CUFF doesn't keep Me AWAKE *all* Night! And/Or, EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY doesn't leave Me a PILE of His "Calling-Cards"...

Say... Have I Mentioned the Part about My PROFOUND DISLIKE of **WINTER** and how MUCH IT truly does SUCK..??!!


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Just Vegged ALL Day Making a...


"Classic Wool"
- 100% New WOOL
- [made in TURKEY]
- Colour: 77435-Water Chestnut
- Colour: 00225-Dark Grey Mix
- Colour: 77252-Dark Grey Marle
- Colour: 77532-Cognac Heather

IT's going to be a GIFT... Besides, I have to do *SOMEthing* with ALL of that "PINK" YARN I have!!
AS WELL AS, Something "Creatively"-FUN-and-FRILLY on My *MEME's* BIRTHDAY!!


Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Ballots are IN! -- VOTED *MOST* LIKELY to be "Discovered" IN a Melting SNOWBANK This SPRING...



The "Potentially"-NOT-So-BAD-We-Can-Work-Around-IT NEWS -- There's about 4-Inches of LEFTOVER DRY-FLUFFY-SNOW that can be quickly SHOVELLED *AWAY* from Strategic-Areas to allow Easy EGRESS from the PROPERTY...

The "KARMA"-*WILL*-GET-YOU-EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY BAD NEWS -- oh. look. There's a 2-Feet-HIGH by *7*-Feet-DEEP from the CURB into the Road, *GLACIER* of DRY-[*THANK YOU!!*]-HEAVY-PACKED-**CRAP** BLOCKING the WAY OUT for *any* Vehicle smaller than a MONSTER-TRUCK!!

I "Worked" from MID-Day *until* SUNDOWN, adding to the 5-Feet-High-PLATEAU that is My Front LAWN. And, at LEAST an HOUR was devoted to BUILDING "ROAD-CRAP-MOUNTAIN"!!

-- I'm thinking about maybe putting in a GONDALA from the Summit to the Hedge-Line..? - There's a Fabulous View of SEWER RIVER RAVINE! BUT, I still have to Talk to the SQUIRRELS first... I think THEY would probably prefer a ZIP-LINE!

ANYHOO... IT's "suppose" to NICE again, Tomorrow..? -- Sooo.... **IF** E.S.G. doesn't DRIVE-BY-PLOW the REST of the ROAD-CRAP into the ENTRANCEWAY *again*, I might just "Risk" doing a SUNDAY-MILK-RUN to COSTCO! Maybe even some Other Groceries..?

There's Rumours of RAIN for Monday...

Well... Have to get back to the YARN... BTW, does ANYONE know where I can find a PATTERN for a SNOWPLOW..??

just saying...

Friday, February 8, 2013



But THEN, the SNOW Started... FINE-TINY-*DRY*-PELLETS rained down as if coming out of a Flour-SIFTER! -- I'm not certain as to how *much* had already Fallen Overnight. OR, *when* the DRIFTING had begun..? However, by the Time I went out in the MID-Afternoon, there was a good 6-Inches in the "Sheltered"-spots and FOOT-Deep DRIFTS Everywhere ELSE!

I *still* CAN'T Believe that We got LUCKY **AGAIN** and only got "slightly" CHIPPED by the MASSIVE-Double-Storm-MERGER that has been sweeping over the GREAT LAKES and up the NORTH-EASTERN SEABOARD... Yesterday's NORTH-WIND probably *did* have "something" to do with IT. Although, IT was also the CAUSE of *much* BLOWING-SNOW and WHITEOUT Conditions!

IT **COULD** have been WORSE!!

ANYHOO, IT's **OVER** Now! - At least for US... But, for EVERYONE South of Here, **NOT**-so-much!!

The "FORECAST" is for SUNLIGHT and NO SNOW!! -- Well... *Not* ANY coming DOWN, anyway. I've *yet* to SEE "WHAT" has accumulated *since* I came IN. And/Or, **WHAT** EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY might have GIFTED Me with..??!!

Needless to say, Tomorrow's SATURDAY-SHOP-EDITION-SCHEDULE will be somewhat dependent of the CRYO-*CLEARANCE*-CURRICULUM! As well as, ROAD CONDITIONS... Personally, I'd much rather do NEITHER! -- THE-BODY is kinda on the *SORE*-side right now... just saying...

MEANWHILE, to take My MIND *OFF* the Numerous ACHES & PAINS, I broke out THE-HOOK and *RE*-DID that MOA-BOALOHA from Last Week - [SEE 29JAN2013 POST] - IT's the Proper SIZE now.


"Classic Wool"
- 100% New WOOL
- [made in TURKEY]
- Colour: 77532-Cognac Heather

*I* will be Keeping IT! -- Need to "PRODUCT-TEST" IT a bit...


Thursday, February 7, 2013

oh-kaaay... It's just a "bit" -- [INSERT sound of rattling teeth] -- **nNIP-PPPYYY** Out..!!?!


sooo... I HAD to go DOWNTOWN Today! -- I probably should of RE-Scheduled, BUT, that would have *MESSED* with some FUTURE Plans that I have... Whatever, I managed to "SURVIVE"!

Anyway, IT was the *Sharp*-ICY WIND that was the CULPRIT! While the Mean-Temp was around -15C, the WINDCHILL was at -25C!! -- I *KNEW* I should have thrown on My SILK-LONGJOHNS!! Although, for the most part, IT was My FACE and HEAD that FELT **COLD**!! - DESPITE, the WOOL HAT and WOOL EAR-MUFF-COLLAR Thingy and HOODIE and TURTLE-NECK and MANY LAYERS of Clothing!

oh. AND, I had to WALK *Several* Blocks between BUS Connections! -- At least, the SIDEWALKS were in GOOD Condition.

MEANWHILE... *SNOW* is expected "some" Time Tonight, and throughout Tomorrow. I seriously DOUBT that We'll be "MISSING" **THIS** STORM!! -- Then again... That WIND *was* from the NORTH..?

NAH! -- Won't happen. We're NOT *THAT* LUCKY!! -- MUCHO SHOVELLING *WILL* be in My NEAR Future! IT's only just a matter of "QUALITY" as opposed to "QUANTITY"...


Wednesday, February 6, 2013



She's pretty much *THE* CHIEF-GARDENER of the FAMILY-"FOREST". And, always *Tempting* Me with "MISSING-LINKS"! -- Hey! Looks like We have a Tiny BRANCH in NEW ZEALAND..?!

..Or, *HAD*..? -- It doesn't look like COUSIN-CHARLIE left any Heirs...

However, there are some OTHER Later "IMPORTS" that appear Promising?? -- sorta..??

ONE's a FIRST-WORLD-WAR SOLDIER buried in BELGIUM. The OTHER, a not-so-*Noble* THIEF! -- Needless to say, *this* is where "PRUNING" comes IN!!

ANYHOO... I Spent way TOO many Hours FARMING the INTERNET. - Although, I *did* get at least squeeze ONE worth of SHOVELLING! -- I needed to Tidying up stuff... There's a Rumour of *more* SNOW coming through Tomorrow..? AND, the SUN *was* OUT!! Could've done *without* the WIND, though! IT was just a tad NIPPY!!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Somewhere, "across" THE POND, just "below" *THE WALL*...


I thought that'd share in the "Festivities" from THIS Side, with...


"Classic Wool"
- 100% New WOOL
- [made in TURKEY]
- Colour: 77435-Water Chestnut
- Colour: 00225-Dark Grey Mix
- Colour: 77251-Light Grey Marle
- Colour: 77252-Dark Grey Marle


Monday, February 4, 2013

oh. WOW! - The First MONDAY in Weeks that I **DIDN'T** have to SHOVEL!!


However, despite that INCH of Overnight FLAKES *Beckoning* to be WHISKED-AWAY, I held on to My VEGGINESS and stayed *IN*!! -- Besides, One of My DECOR MAGS arrived and I just HAD to Peruse IT!

THEN, there was the Hour or so of *Playing* "PINTEREST-the-*Doors*-onto-Their-New-*BOARD*"!! -- Check THEM out and SEE...

oh. yeah. AND, I *finally* FINISHED the LATEST "HAT"!! -- PICS *Tomorrow* on THAT! "BED-TIME" *NOW*!! -- Got SOLO-ness Tomorrow!!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

huh. I'm the ONLY One out Shovelling...


Sooo... We only had the ODD little "FLURRY" Overnight, and during the Day. - AS in, WHEN I was OUT There! -- Hardly more than a COUPLE of Inches worth from the Last TWO Days, BUT, IT still needed DOING. If only to "Expose" whatever remaining ICE that's about, so that IT can "MELT" in the DAYLIGHT...

    wait. hang on... ahh...don't We need *SUN*-LIGHT for "that"..??
    -- yeah! I thought so...
HEY!! **GOOD LUCK** with THAT!!

While My Load of LAUNDRY washed, I only Shovelled-by-BRAILLE for less than an Hour... There's probably *another* INCH or so BACK on!

Meanwhile, I managed to get a BIT of KNITTING done, and Spent WAY *too* MUCH Time Piddling-on-PINTEREST! -- BTW, SISTER has recently been "Introduced" to IT by PRINCESSES'-MOM... She's still not all that Cyber-Savvy to actually *have* an Account, HOWEVER, She has "acquired" an ADDICTION to IT!!

I **KNEW** it was JUST a Matter of TIME!! -- [hehe!!]

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