Friday, September 30, 2011


AND, YAY!! We GOT to SEE Her Today!! -- It's been *awhile*! I also, finally had the opportunity to MEET Her "Significant Other" - FUTURE HOCKEY-DAD.

Yes, My Niece is "Expecting"... A Boy... I'll be getting a NEW GREAT-NEPHEW to ADD to My
"PROGENY COLLECTION"! ..ahh... Another "MAN" in My Life!

Not to mention, *Another* BLANKET to MAKE!! -- hmm... I may have to DO One up for The PUPPY-NATOR too, so He doesn't get Jealous of TAT-JUNIOR.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

..And, THAT's A Wrap!!

AS A LITTLE "INSIDE" JOKE - or, better yet, as an "homage" to ITS Future Recipient - I'm Naming THIS ONE... "A VEIN RUNS THROUGH IT"...



Wednesday, September 28, 2011

..SHHHH...*DON'T* Tell "???????"

THAT I'M MAKING THIS for "?His/Her?" Birthday!!

IT's a SECRET... sorta...


Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I PROBABLY *SHOULD* BE Starting on that "Birthday" SCARF that *needs* to be IN The MAIL by Next Week... but... I wanted to get THIS ONE done First...

"WOAD-WOOD" - Done in KELP


Monday, September 26, 2011

YAY!! I *Fixed* IT!

FOR WELL OVER A YEAR, I've been using this COOLING PAD for My LAPTOP. Got IT "On Sale", of course...

And, until Recently, IT has been Serving Me quite well!

However, for the last Month or so, the Adapter-Pin-Plug-Part has been HINKY. If the CABLE moved, the FANS stopped due to Power-Loss.

For "SOME" Reason, the Plug just wasn't making proper CONTACT. Much "dwiddling" was OFT needed to remedy the Situation! So much so, that for the last Week, I've had to use My BACKUP "Travel" COOLING RACK...


Today, whilst Downloading some Large Files, I decided to take a LOOK at My PAD-PROBLEM! -- I needed to get INTO IT. I knew the Area of Concern was the Plug-in Assembly... But, alas, HOW do I get TO IT without Destroying the Casing? -- hmmm...

There HAS to be SCREWS... Likely, *under* those little Round-Rubber-Pads..? -- I pried One off. BINGO!

I whipped out My Trusty "Swiss Army" Knife - using the Screwdriver Part - and commenced with undoing the 4 Corner Screws... ah. Some
"dusting" is needed... Huh. Not as "Complicated" Looking as I thought IT might be... Then again...

There's this 3 square-centimeter Circuit-Board... And the Plug-HOUSING is *really* SMALL! -- I fiddled with IT. Discovered that THE PROBLEM appears to be between the Housing and the Board... I need to take the Board off of the
"Machine". Only 2 tiny Screws... Could do with a small Driver...

Okay.. Board is off.. Sticking the Plug IN.. hmm... SOMETHING is just NOT making Contact... wait a sec... Really? COULD it be THAT Simple..? -- HUH! Alrighty...

So. As in most Boards, there're SOLDERING "Drops" that Connect and Hold-Down Stuff.. In THIS Case, the CONTACT "Pins" had - from the constant movement of UNplugging - FORMED a HOLE *within* the Solder... Hence, causing the PINS to NOT make SOLID Contact to the Rest of the Circuits!

ALL it took, SQUISHING the Soft Solder TO the Pins! -- WORKS PERFECTLY [FOR] NOW!!

MUST Remember to NOT *Jiggle* the PLUG *WHEN* Removing!!

...And THAT, is How FAIRY-T's Large-Birthday-Present-Pics HELPED Me Repair My Cooling Pad!
-- MAGIC!!


Sunday, September 25, 2011


REMEMBER, IT *could* be Worse! -- You COULD have ended up OLDER *than* ME!!

And YES, I *know* that "Officially" I'm a Day EARLY... But, with the TIME DIFFERENCES and the Hour at which I get around to POSTING - I didn't want to MISS the *Actual* Day!!

Oh, and I've also given You your own "KEYWORD" TAG!


So... Despite NOT doing a whole "lot" Today - except for the Usual LAUNDRY, CYBER-SURFING, etcetera - I finally summed up the Courage to Carve a NICHE into THE ROOM...

You know, it's really Weird as to how *MUCH* "so much" STUFF *LOOKS* when IT's been
"temporarily" Relocated..? -- It took Me a while, but I managed to FIND the YARN I needed. And, since I was *THERE*, I pulled out a Number of OTHER ITEMS that I will be Using for the CRAFT SHOWS. A Good Thing that I DID, as I came across a Few Pieces that SHOULD have been ELSEwhere!

AFTERward, when I PUT THINGS "BACK" - with the *NEEDED* Stuff in FRONT for Easy Access - there was EXTRA SPACE..!?! huh...

Anyway. After My "Escape", I returned My *Newest* KNITTING Project that I had started on the Other Day... I won't keep You in SUSPENSE! -- IT'S going to be another "SHAN-TOQUE"!


Saturday, September 24, 2011


JUST A FEW of My Fav Words that start with the Letter "C"... Right after, "CASH"!! *And*,

So. NO YARD SALE EXPEDITIONS Planned for Today... Instead, Our "Scavenging Prowess" was geared for the Semi-Annual NATIONAL WOMEN'S SHOW over at LANSDOWNE PARK.

More "C"-Words...
  • CONSTRUCTION - I hadn't realized that the BANK STREET "Construction" - for THIS Year - went as far South as it Does... Right SMACK IN FRONT of the Park Entrance!!
  • CROWDS - We arrived just as the Doors were Opening at 10am. Dropped MOTHER off near the Ticket Kiosk. I went in Search of Parking, and then, the END-OF-THE-MOVING-LINE that was wrapped Halfway around the Building... Once, INSIDE, it was a MASSES-Morass! -- LADIES, LEAVE-THE-BABIES-AT-HOME!!
  • CROWS - Hours later, as We took a Break at THE CAR to Dump the "First" Round of BOOTY, I happened to notice a couple of Crows atop the Building... I'm looking at Them, then People below, "comparing" the Size of Both... Okay! Those Birds were FREAKING *HUGE*!!
  • CRAP - Meanwhile, the rather Spacious Parking Lot was Host to numerous GULLS... Who, have this "Thing" for BLACK CARS... WE got Lucky! THIS Time!

As for Some of the more "Interesting" Highlights...for ME...

THIS absolutely shockingly COOL TESLA!! - Seriously, NOT My "CHOICE" of COLOUR. BUT, WHO CARES??!! Right?


By This Point, I had pretty much gotten My Ticket's Worth! However, it was almost another Hour before We LEFT!

Anyhoo... We still had several SATURDAY-Things to DO... TRAINYARDS was along - sorta... - the Route Home.

A short Cruise through WALMART, then across the Complex to MICHAEL'S... Just Inside from The Entrance, was the CUP-CAKE-DECORATOR-LADY churning out THESE Culinary-Creations... Unfortunately, They were for DISPLAY Purposes ONLY!!

From There, it was additional Grocery-Getting, Losing-LOTTERY-Ticket-Acquisition, HOME, and the Division of Spoils... I think I have enough FREE Toothpaste now to get Me through to Year's End!


Friday, September 23, 2011

Wish I Was...

...IN ENGLAND right Now, so I could Experience The BRITISH WOOL WEEKEND Exhibits... Such as WOOL MODERN...

Oh, and of course, to Visit with FAIRY-T, too! -- Her Needles, My Hooks, ALL that YARN... SCARY!!

For a more "Detailed" Glimpse, Give The LADIES of SHADES OF SHETLAND a Read! They've got some Awesome Pics of BRITAIN!

Anyhoo, "Thanks" go to KRISTIN NICHOLAS of GETTING-STITCHED-ON-THE-FARM for bringing IT to My Attention. - BTW, *DO* Check Out Her latest Bloog Entry as well, for what Looks like a Tasty Recipe!

Meanwhile... I never did get "into" THE ROOM... Got a tad side-tracked by "Life-In-General". Although, I *did* Start SOMETHING Tonight... Perhaps, some Pics Tomorrow - maybe... I'm
"Playing" with a bit of Fine-MERINO and an ALPACA-SILK Mix.



Thursday, September 22, 2011

YESTERDAY -- "Take 2"

"WHATEVER" STUFF I did Yesterday... I pretty much did the SAME Today!

Colour of My latest Completed MoaBoAloha
is Different.

Oh, and the STOCK MARKETS were *really*
CRAPPY!! Again! -- I am
NOT even going to Think
about Our DOLLAR going BELOW "PAR"...

No... No, I need to Concentrate on devising
a Plan to undertake an Expedition into
THE ROOM to Retrieve "some" needed
Colours... There's a SCARF that I *must* get Started on, SOON!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Grapes of "Wrap"



Watching more of My *New* DVDs, and finishing up THIS...


Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I'VE BEEN CELEBRATING My "Kid" SISTER'S BIRTHDAY with a Viewing-Marathon of Today's latest Purchase -- "HAWAII FIVE-0 - Season 1" DVDs!

She's a big Fan of The SHOW, too. I'm certain She would "Approve"! If not, We can "discuss" IT in a Few Weeks when She comes to Visit...

Anyway, I'm almost Half Way through Them... I'm especially enjoying the DELECTED SCENES
-- that do add to the overall "Background" Texture of The Storyline, although, I do see "Why" They were CUT.

Meanwhile, I have been engaged in some "Creative" Work whilst "Watching"... Started on THIS...

A little known TRUE Fact - A Decade ago, I was amongst a Group of "Friends" who *actually* had Lunch with ONE of THESE ACTORS!


Monday, September 19, 2011

ALOHA "Castle" Day!!


Season 4 of "CASTLE"
    Last Season.. BECKETT was Shot by a Sniper. As She lay Dying, CASTLE professed His Love... Did She HEAR Him? Will She Remember..?

Season 2 of "HAWAII FIVE-0"
    McGARRETT has been Charged with the Corrupt GOVERNOR's Murder. He's being "Framed"! Will "Super-SEAL" attempt to Escape from Prison, before WE get to see ALL of His Tattoos?! Will His TEAM PROVE His Innocence..? Will The TEAM be BACK Together...? Will WO FAT *ever* get Caught?!

OH, and of course, BOTH SHOWS ARE ON AT THE SAME TIME!! aarrggghhh!!

..decisions, decisions...

The "usual" Game Plan is taping CASTLE while watching 5-0. - I need to see The CUTE GUYS
"LIVE"! And, the Scenery... ANYthing to keep My Mind OFF of My "Cold"!

Yes. I've CAUGHT MOTHER's Cold!! -- So far, IT's just at the Sore-Throat-Hurts-To-Swallow-Mess-With-My-Tonsils Stage. I'm over-loading with the Vitamin C and Onions and Fluids at the Moment to hopefully Lessen the whole Process!

...AH! The *MAGIC* of BLOOGING! It's much Later Now...

BOTH were GREAT Episodes!! - And the 5-0 Ending...? WHOA!! -- Sooo. Did. NOT. See. THAT. *ONE*. Coming!!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

..what..? -- I *Missed* IT?!!

NUTS!! -- And IT was so Close, too! I must have been Driving THEN...

It wasn't until a couple of Hours Later, that I heard that We had "apparently" had a 4.0 Earth Tremor about 20 odd Miles East of Here! Just over on the Quebec side... Normally, when They are more North of Us, We feel Them. However, I suspect that the Angle of the Ottawa River between There and Here, probably dampened this "Wave"...

"Whatever.." - I MISSED IT!! -- And, the IDIOT-With-No-Left-Brake-Light who Cut Me OFF on the way to COSTCO! I *hate* going There on Sundays. "The CROWD" and "Sunday-Drivers" have such a weird "Vibe"... But, I *needed* to get Milk. And, pick-up Something that I had Forgotten to, Yesterday.

So... My *DAY* was --
  • Expose Myself to Crazy-Sunday-Drivers.
  • Weave My way through Crazy-Sunday-Shopping-Cart-Drivers.
  • MISS THE PLANET grumble...
  • Do more LAUNDRY.
  • Make THESE...


Saturday, September 17, 2011

..Wait A Sec...

WHADDAYA MEAN..? -- I never Bought ANYTHING, Today..?!! -- And LOTTERY Tickets and Junk Food *DON'T* count! - [INSERT - My "Astonished Disbelief" Face]

It's looking like YARD SALE Season is on the wane... There was only ONE in Our Neighbourhood. No Others in Our usual "Haunts". Even the SALLY-ANN was sparse of Worthy Pickings... And, We were out too Late for that Sale at the Gloucester Emergency Food CupboardGood thing We got to do that bit of Pre-Shopping Yesterday!

Of course, it's not to say that We didn't do a lot of "running around"... For Hours... And, MOTHER does have a Cold... So. It's been a "bit of This" and a "bit of That" type of Day. Thankfully, the Weather has been Sunny - just on the Cooler side. Sorta...

However, not to Fret! We DID get "some" FREE STUFF at ZELLERS! - Their Pharmacy Section was running a "Diabetes Clinic". Strangely enough, We BOTH ended up with the SAME Glucose Reading! Huh.

Which, BTW, was good - for Both of Us. Actually, for Me, it was a Great Reading! -- just saying..

Meanwhile, I've just spent the Evening still going through My new SANCTUARY DVDs... And, doing LAUNDRY...

-- Ah. My "WORLD"...


Friday, September 16, 2011

Taking A SNEAK-PEEK...


The Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard is having one of ITS Annual "Yard Sale" Fundraisers Tomorrow. We dropped by some Donations This Afternoon, and whilst There, did a bit of "PRE-Shopping"...

To be honest, IT was a tad disappointing. Nowhere near the really *great* STUFF that was to be HAD as Last Year! - [SEE 17SEP2010 - 18SEP2010 - 19SEP2010 POSTS] - Needless to say, that still *didn't* Prevent MOTHER from Acquiring yet *another* SEWING MACHINE to Clean and Refurbish!! -- Oh, and that is AFTER "donating" that Child's Portable Sewing Machine She had bought Earlier in the Year...

Anyway, as for ME..

I just got These Two - [5x2.5-inch]Dutch-Made TILES for a Dollar...

Although, I did ponder over an old large Beach-Scape PAINT-BY-NUMBER...

IT was nicely done, but NOT for $5.
- [..which is usually the Top-End of What I PAY for ORIGINALS!]

And, I really DO hate
Those "Frames" that come with Them. Perhaps, IF IT was $2...?

The SALE only goes until NOON - uncertain *IF* We'll be There or not... MOTHER has a bit of a Cold at the Moment - depends on "When" We start off...?

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