Tuesday, May 31, 2011


THREE DAYS IN A ROW of SUNLIGHT! *NO* Rain! Hot, HOT Temps! And, *more* of the Same is Predicted for the Remainder of the Week... Hmm... I might have to start handing out Protective Eyewear against My Day-Glowness when I break out The Shorts!

Anyway... I've been quite Busy Today with CYBER-esque STUFF and, there's a POSTAL STRIKE very likely to OCCUR on FRIDAY! -- So, NO "Adventures" worth Mentioning. However, I *will* END-of-the-MONTH Treat You to some of MOTHER's "surviving" MAY FLOWERS! -- ENJOY!


Monday, May 30, 2011

Bright & Shiny - DAY 2!!

I THINK, *SOMEone* has "decided" that THIS Week will be *SUMMER*! -- At least, according to The WEATHER CHANNEL... And, sooo far, so Good! TWO DAYS straight of SUNNY, HOT TEMPS! *IF* We make it PAST 4 Days, We might just have a Seasonal Trend going on... -- Wouldn't THAT be SCARY, huh?

Anyhoo... In "Celebration", HERE are some of MOTHER's Flowers...



Sunday, May 29, 2011


ORIGINALLY, THE GANG had planned on making One more VISIT Today, however, SISTER called earlier to say that They wouldn't have the Time. She and BIG-D will be headed Back East quite early Tomorrow. -- So, *imagine* Our slight SURPRISE when there was a Knock at the Door Mid-Afternoon!

Oh look! It's SISTER, BIG-D, and THE MOM [Who has just Returned from Her Trip!] sans PROGENY! It seems that They had some Shopping to do in This Part of Town... And, SISTER wanted to give Us a *proper* "Good-bye"...

Whilst THEY were Here, Our NEXT "Visitor" was this BRIGHT & SHINY, Shadow-Causing, Often-Rumoured Celestial Phenomena FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE SUN!!
-- I'm still in Photonic Shock!

LATER on, when The ELDERLY PARENTAL-UNITS returned from a brief Retail Recce, They discovered THIS GARAGE Roof GUEST!

-- IT must have been Working on ITS TAN!!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just KICKING Around...

WOW! My Bad Right KNEE actually FEELS *better*...now..!? huh.

Once AGAIN, the Day was GREY, Grey, grey, *GREY*! You know, it's becoming rather Disgusting
- [on SO many Levels!] - now, in that I often find Myself able to IGNORE the Misty-Drizzly Type of RAIN... One would think that I had grown up in VANCOUVER or Something!

Anyhoo... Despite "Conditions", there was a Breast Cancer Fund-Raiser "Garage" Sale going on at the SILVER CITY THEATRE Parking Lot. It was being *Run* by LOTS of Cute-Strapping-Young-LADS from 1-800-GOT-JUNK - All geared out in PINK T-Shirts!

We arrived on the Late-ish side, however, there was still enough STUFF to hold Our Interest. MOTHER rummaged through some Drill Bits and other Hardware, whilst I, acquired THESE ITEMS...

THIS Time, for $2. I found One of the Large HAZELWARE "Colony" BOWLS in GREEN. Surprisingly, I *didn't* have One of This Size in THAT Colour! I just have waay too many in the Small.

I also, like to "Collect" Metal - [mostly Brass] - "NUMBERS". I have NO Idea as to *what* to do with Them, but I'm sure that I'll come up with SOMETHING... SOMEday...

Meanwhile, My "Choice" FIND of the Day - This Fabulous little NAVAJO SAND-PAINTING by DANIEL SMITH, JR.! And, for *only* 50 Cents!

-- I'll have to do some Research on IT, as I don't know how Old IT is. The Matte has suffered a bit of Moisture Damage, but other than that, IT's in Good Shape. I'm inclined to leave IT as IS.

Afterward, We headed to Beacon Hill - did a Peruse of the SALLY ANN. Didn't find Anything...

Did a Grocery Stop, then, off We were to CANADIAN TIRE to look for Some Thing that MOTHER wanted to
"check out"... Little did We know, that it would take Us about a Half Hour before We even got to ENTER The Store! -- We got caught in the "Excitement" of *another* Charity "Event"!

CANADIAN TIRE supports a Fund - JUMPSTART - that provides Sports Equipment to Kids that can't afford it so that They can participate in Organized Sports. THEY had this "Activity" Booth set up outside... You donate Money, You get a chance to TRY one of The Activities - Pitching, Darts, Soccer...

MOTHER opted for Darts - even though She doesn't Play. However, She does have this knack for wielding very Sharp Pointy Objects! She actually did quite well Busting those Balloons.

As for Myself, I went with Soccer. HAD to, it's IN The Genes! - FATHER played Semi-Pro as a Teenager in ENGLAND, His Father played PRO over 90 Years ago! Meanwhile, I've never played. And, Today, My Back and Right Knee were killing Me... Oh, and have I "mentioned" the BEING Middle-Aged Part..?

Anyway, the "Goal" was to see how HARD - determined by a rather questionable SPEED-GUN - One could KICK the Ball. The Speed "to Beat" was 50kph. After My allotted Attempts, I managed to achieve 32kph - WITH the Bad Leg!! -- Not so shabby for a Gimpy AUNTIE!

In fact, I bested a few YOUNG GUYS! As a Result, the "Booth People" posted a Note on Their
"Board" that My Bad-Leg-Old-Lady "Score" was THE ONE-TO-BEAT! -- GRANDDAD would be Proud!

Whatever, the Kicking actually helped to relieve the Tension I had going on in that Knee for a while afterward. -- hmm...


Friday, May 27, 2011

Progeny Participation..

THE PRINCESSES were BACK again!! -- And, were THE only "Brightness" to another
Drizzly-Dreary Day!

Pre-arrival, I had to attend to a few Grocery Errands and Whatnot... THEY showed up *before* I had returned - I hate having to Park IN the Street. However, SISTER & BIG-D soon left to attend a [His Side] Family Function.

"AUNTIE" DUTY subsequently commenced!

MOST of which, comprised of being squished Together on the Small Sofa in FATHER's - "OLD PAPA" - TV Room as He "entertained" Us with Tales of His Childhood...

I truly do HOPE that PRINCESS PRE-TEEN *remembers* [as well as Appreciates] LATER in Her Life of These Times WITH Her GREAT-Grandfather! AND, GREAT-Grandmother!

Meanwhile, I managed to squeeze in MY *GREAT* AUNTIE-ness "Bonding" in too... Much Burping and Goofy Photography was involved! Also, some Crocheting was later included. LITTLE PRINCESS BIG-RED appeared to be quite fascinated with My Hooking... hmm... A FUTURE Student...?

*Great*-AUNTIE SHAN - The "Cool" and "Comfy" AUNT!


Thursday, May 26, 2011


SO, My Dental Caldera has now been FILLED! Including a couple of Other Minor Crevasses as well... The "Freezing" is gone and the Mandible Ache is starting up a tad - DOC-M was in There for a while, and Those "Needles" are THE WORST Part!! - ugh! - My Jaw is feeling like a Pin Cushion!

Meanwhile, it was a MIXED UP Day... On the dark side with the Clouds, and ONLY the odd bit of Misty Drizzle. - THANK YOU! -- However, *getting* to My Appointment was not without an OBSTACLE or two...

The FIRST ONE of major *Note* - the TRANSIT "Tunnel" at St. Laurent Shopping Centre was CLOSED because of some Gas Leak...? Although, strangely enough, except for the few Stores nearby the Station Entrance , the REST of the MALL had *NO* Idea!?

Anyway, ALL of the Buses had to be re-routed to get back onto The TRANSITWAY - which, led to Me being a Few Minutes LATE arriving at the Dentist. I had to WAIT for My 2nd Bus... But, I was a Good Patient and called to let Them know! ...Along with a heads up on Cavity Crater.

An Hour later, I was DONE! I would have dropped by the SALLY ANN near the Bus Stop again, but it was too Muddy with all of that Ongoing ROAD CONSTUCTION to get over to the Sidewalk. And, I wanted to Shop around at St. Laurent on My Way back Home between Bus changes...

YES. I bought Stuff! A dark FUCHSIA "On Sale" SHIRT at The GAP and some *needed* "BUY 2, GET 1 FREE" Items at The BODY SHOP...

So... It's My Brother-In-Law - BIG-D's Birthday... NO doubt, it was *likely* spent having to DRIVE SISTER and The PRINCESSES around SHOPPING - with HIS Money!!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dental Cannibalism

WELL, that's what I call IT WHEN One *happens* to SWALLOW one of Their "Fillings"!!

A Stupid Thing happened during the Wee Hours just *after* I had POSTED Yesterday's ENTRY... I have these PINKsort of on the HARD side - Mint Candies, that I had a craving for at the Time.. So. There I was, happily chomping away as I was writing an E-MAIL to FAIRY-T, when My Tongue
"noticed" a *SPACE*...

Okay... THAT shouldn't be THERE! -- I grabbed a nearby little Mirror and Mini-Flashlight to have a "Look"... crap! -- The Lower Molar that's *anchoring* My Bridge is MISSING a good-sized Chunk of Tooth-Former-Filling-What's-Left-of-This-Year's-Dental-Coverage!!

The GOOD News - IT *doesn't* Hurt. No "active" Nerve exposure.

The DISTURBING News - The "Piece" ISN'T in My Mouth. I never FELT IT break off, which *means*... crap... I *SWALLOWED* IT with the Candy..?! eww!

The SLIGHTLY COMFORTING News - I already have a Scheduled Dental Appointment for Tomorrow.

The BAD News -
  • THURSDAY'S Forecast - It's suppose to REALLY RAIN and Thunder!
  • I'll be using The BUS.
  • That ROAD CONSTRUCTION outside The Office will be a Total Pain!
  • DOC-M will likely *not* be "happy" with Me... Then again, She *was* planning on Working on THAT TOOTH. *Now* She'll be ABLE to *see* what's really going on with IT!
  • I just *know* that THIS little PLAY-DATE is gonna COST Me!

ggrrrrrrrrrrr....stupid NEED to CHEW Food..!!


Check out some of Our Pretty Double-Blossom WHITE LILACS *while* They STILL are Pretty!

After the Week-Worth of RAIN that'll We'll likely have, These Guys won't be looking SO Perfect!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

MOA Work Done

HOW Industrious of Me, huh!?!

And, oh gee... The WEATHER held up, too! -- I did have My Doubtsmomentarily - during a Mid-Day Appointment, but the Afternoon quickly improved. SUNNY! HOT! SUMMER?? -- may-be...

Anyhoo, I managed to Finish THIS off Tonight. Still have to Name IT though...



Monday, May 23, 2011

They're He-re...


FINALLY!! After an almost
7-Month WAIT, We got to SEE The PRINCESSES Today!!

WOW!! THEY've *both* GROWN!

PRINCESS PRE-TEEN is a Whopping 5'4"! -- That's a good 3-Inches more than I had at Her AGE, and I had always been One of the Taller Kids...

And, LITTLE PRINCESS BIG-RED... She'll be 7 Months This Week and is already 28-Inches and about AS many POUNDS!! She weighs a TON!!

I just *know* that I'll be feeling it Tomorrow - She fell asleep in My Arms again... At least, *this*
Time, I didn't get PEED on!

Meanwhile, I started THIS - "GYPSY-MUFF" - just before THEY arrived, and have just Finished IT!

I forgot to Show PRINCESS PRE-TEEN This New YARN Colour when I gave Her some Other One. Apparently, She's branching out into KNITTING now... I'm GLAD that She's pursuing an Interest into the Yarny Arts, as Her Mother's Generation seems to have Skipped it!

-- I have to "Leave" My TROVE to Someone!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Measure "Twice", Crochet more than "Once"...

SOMETIMES... The *most* DIFFICULT Part of Creating one of My BLANKETS is "Planning" out the PATTERN in regards to how much YARN I will NEED of a Particular Colour when, I really DON'T
*know* how MUCH there actually IS! Especially, in the Case of Those FACTORY ENDS...

The CONTENTS of Each BAG are usually Uniquely Packaged - Skeins, variously-sized Balls, different Colours hidden WITHIN Others... The EASY Part - My "TENSION" is pretty well BANG on! So, once I get Started, I can usually "Eyeball" My Requirements.

The TRICK is in "Coming Up" with *Something* that - hopefully - Aesthetically BALANCES out in the End! -- MUCH "Undoing" is OFTEN "involved"!

I hope THIS ONE *works* out! -- BTW, *ignore* the Yellowish Tones!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Quantum Physical Spatial Application of Inert Matter Within an Anomalous Inter-Dimensional Domain

TRANSLATION - "..cra-ap... *WHERE* the Sheep am I going to HIDE all of This YARN...?"

WHA-AT?! -- Ah, *HELLO?*! Everyone is yapping about THE *END* OF THE WORLD, yadda, yadda... "ETERNITY", it's a loooong WAIT. So, of course, I'm gonna be bringing YARN and The HOOKS! duh!

Come to Think of it, it *was* awfully QUIET out There for a HOT, SUNNY SATURDAY! And, there were only a Few YARD SALES... huh.. Anyhoo.. just picked up Two Hardcover Ref-Type BOOKS for $2. a Piece. As well as, 5 *very* Brightly-Hued Plastic MINI-CRATES used for CD Storage with a Dozen *matching* CD "Jewelboxes" - ALL for another $2. -- I'll do up some Pics, Tomorrow...

Afterward, We headed to THE MALL before the *MILK* Run to COSTCO. I had a Prescription to Fill.
- OH! HEY! *New* FACTORY ENDS on the Shelf!! Whoa! Check out That NEW Colour COMBO... Wacky! -- I *see* a MOABOA in the not-so-Distant Future...

Believe it or not, THIS is ONE Giant SKEIN! There's also some Strong YELLOW connected to ALL of This... Except for the Violet-Blue *NOT* being the Proper actual Shade of "PURPLE", the Other Colours are pretty close! -- For Now, I'm calling it "GYPSY" - because the Colour Mix is ALL-OVER-THE-MAP!

I bought all 3 Packages. The REMAINING 9 OTHER Packages contained PINKIVORY, YELLOWS, LEVI-Blu and This - MILKGLASS. - The Greenish-Yellow Bits are much more subdued than what's showing Here. I actually started Working with it Tonight... MORE on That, Tomorrow.


Friday, May 20, 2011


AHH... Birthdays, Birthdays...Everywhere...

First off, SON-of-MOUNTIE-Jr. - the Youngest, now Teenaged Progeny of MOUNTIE-MAN-S and SISTER-S... I haven't seen Him in over 4 Years. No doubt that He's likely taller than Me by now!

And then, there's LA-VIVA-T! Another of My SciFi "FAN"-Friends! She lives in ITALY. -- A Place that I've never been to, but probably should... SOMEday!

Meanwhile... It was rather on the MUGGY side Today. No Wind. On and off with the Sun and Cloud Coverage. There was *suppose* to be some Nasty STORM headed This Way later in the Evening..? But, I think it MISSED Us! -- Except for that ONE Moment of Thunder...

I guess if I hear the CRASHING THUD of that LEANING Front Yard TREE during the Night, then the STORM will probably have looked at a Map...

Well, at least I managed to get a Load of Laundry done, and some Crocheting in! -- Anyhoo, MUST get to Bed "Early-ish" - there're CHURCH SALES to Checkout in the Morning!!

Oooo! MORE *STUFF* to FILL The HOUSE with!

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