Friday, May 31, 2013

oh. right! - I'd FORGOTTEN!

"THAT" EXPLAINS *EVERYTHING*!! -- But, honestly, did IT *have* to pick a MANY-LOTTERY-DRAWS Day..??!! -- really?!

The "CHOICE"...

*WIN* TONS of $$ and FATE-fully *RISK* getting SMUCKED by the LATEST-Passing-BIG-HONKING-CHUNK-of-COSMIC-GRAVEL..?


Just MOVE-ON with Your Life and *HOPE* that "ROCKY" and his *Pet*-"PEBBLE", do the SAME!!

ANYHOO... I had a FULL Day of more "MICRO"-Cosmic Concerns... And, needless to Say, the 38C-Humidex wasn't all that "helpful"...

MOTHER and I had a Scheduled-"ADVENTURE" to Attend. Froth with Driving to Previously-UNexplored-Places, thankfully, inbetween the RUSH-HOUR Periods! - Also, MUCH Walking.

-- A portion of which, I could have Saved Myself had I only ventured a Few Yards in the OPPOSITE Direction and *SEEN* the "ELEVATOR"-SIGN!! - However, I went the WRONG Way, took the STAIRS and, ended up having to Walk AROUND the BUILDING!

BTW, some HALLWAYS *are* Longer than They are Depicted on MAPS!!

Eventually, the REST of Our Afternoon went on considerably BETTER than I expected! - Mostly due to ALL of the NICE-PEOPLE We Encountered.

Meanwhile... Here's a Few More WASHCLOTHS for THE STACK...


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ah! "PRESTO"!! *IT* Worked!


I had a "by BUS" ERRAND to do Today, since the WEATHER was "GOOD" and that there were NO "Scheduled"-Plans on the *CALENDAR*. IT was also My First opportunity to TEST-OUT My Recently-Acquired-Brand-New-*FREE* "PRESTO" BUS-TRANSIT-CARD!

The NEW BUS-"FARE-CARD"-SYSTEM was *supposed* to be Up & RUNNING Last Year..? However, AS usual whenever "CITY HALL" and the PUBLIC TRANSIT *and* THIRD-PARTIES get "together"... well... IT wasn't "pretty"...

Anyhoo, *STUFF* is supposively "FIXED" Now... And, **MANY** FREE CARDS - [otherwise, They go for $6.] - have been made Available. - I got THREE. For Myself, MOTHER, and any OTHER PERSON Who might be "Visiting"...

whatever... IT "WORKED"! - No prob. -- I actually even managed to go ROUND-TRIP on SIX BUSES with ONE-FARE and, had 20-Minutes REMAINING! - Though, RUNNING for Half of Them was INVOLVED!

Meanwhile, I do *miss* having a PAPER-TRANSFER-TICKET... As THAT had the EXPIRY *TIME* boldly Printed. BUT, with THIS Scanner-System, One must REMEMBER to *LOOK* at the TINY Screen *ON Entry* to see how *much* Time is LEFT! -- While, there's a HORDE of OTHER-PEOPLE-BEHIND-YOU-WAITING-TO-GET-ON!

And, that SCANNER is Positioned Low, too... hmm... SOME Inventive-COPING-Thoughts on how to get Past THAT have just come to Mind...

-- I'll let You know Later if They pan-out.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It was that "$1.00" SIGN's *FAULT*!!


oh! AND, it gets WORSE... I actually Used a COUPON to bring the Price DOWN to 83-Cents Each!!

I got what I could of That LEFT-One as IT Matches My BUSINESS CARDS!

And, DON'T get Me Started on My ADDICTION to "LETTERS"...


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

*Thankful* for SMALL Wonders!

  • NO "Line-Up" at the BANK!
  • *MY* Fav Parking SPACE at MICHAEL'S
  • Several ROLLS of "$1."-RIBBON that will *match* My BUSINESS CARDS! -- sorta...
  • Still some Bottles left of My Fav JUICE at the Grocery-Store!
  • THE GANG actually *managed* to make Their Flight-CONNECTIONS through TORONTO" ON TIME!"
  • That I *ONLY* had to "Ferry" SISTER & BIG-D HOME from the AIRPORT. - [The CAR's happy about that *detail* too!]
  • **NO** RAIN!! - yet...
  • I *didn't* run OUT of Gas, or *OVER* ANYONE!! - [Night-BLIND, remember?]
  • The ASPIRIN *Worked*!!
  • That I came UP with "SOMETHING" to BLOOG-About!! -- sorta..?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Hooked on "Hanging" AIR-Time...

SUN. WARMTH. A BREEZE... So of course, MOTHER *INSISTED* on Hanging-OUT the LAUNDRY!

HERS, *not* Mine! -- I'm not big on having POLLEN Air-Injected into the FIBERS of My Clothing! They can AIR-"DRY" just fine in the Basement Laundry-Area... Besides, They're ALL still going to end up IN the Dryer anyway!

whatever... I spent most of the Day playing "Musical"-Clothes-Basket with the Various LOADS coming and going! -- [NOTE TO SELF -- remember to take the Socks OUT of the Dryer!]

MEANWHILE, SISTER *finally* Called from VEGAS!! -- Ransom-ROAMING-Fees! - Just a FACT that I *kept* Warning Them about! AND, to switch OFF all of Their WIFI Antennas *until* They were needed!

Anyhoo, MANY-ADVENTURES-SHORT... Apparently, between "BABY-SITTING" the PRINCESSES whilst the "NEWLY-WED"-PARENTS actually have some "HONEYMOON"-Time, *much* WALKING "EVERY"-WHERE has been involved... [duh! - I think I warned Them about THAT too!]

However, She and BIG-D did get a Chance to put Their Feet *UP* in a more "Unique" way Earlier Today, with a TOUR of the AREA in One of "THESE"...

I'm glad that They *ENJOYED* the "Experience", as They'll likely be spending *more* Time ON the Ground Tomorrow! -- really?? Travelling on the Day AFTER "MEMORIAL DAY"..? -- Hope They *also* have a fondness for AIRPORT-WAITING!

And naturally, EITHER outcome of "PUNCTUALITY" and/or "DELAY" will in turn, have an impact on MY "Schedule"... For Now, I'll be picking Them up in the Late-Evening -- UNLESS, We have that expected RAIN..? In which case, I hope that there's a VACANCY at the Airport HOTEL!

-- AUNTIE-"NIGHT-BLIND" *don't* DO the AIRPORT-"PARK"WAY in the RAINY-DARK!! - REGULAR-DARK is BAD enough! -- BTW, have I mentioned the Part about wandering MOOSE and DEER along that Road..?! - Needless to Say, the OTHER-DRIVERS are ALSO *just* as SCARY!!

well... *MUST* get TO Bed! -- Got a BUSY Week ahead!!



Sunday, May 26, 2013

hmm... a Birthday. "VEGAS"..?!?


oh. wait. -- SISTER's "SHOPPING-SPREE" RECEIPTS should provide "Clues"..?

Whatever. **HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BIG-D**!!

So. Got a FEW MORE WASHCLOTHS Done! -- Between, the "Regular" SUNDAY LAUNDRY Loads and "other" CHORES and sorting-out the FREEZER and DRY-GOODS "BUCKET"...

ahh... BTW, *Remind* Me to get *more* PAPER TOWELS..?


Saturday, May 25, 2013



"THE" PERFECT *GIFT* for Someone just *suddenly* APPEARS in the Oddest of Places, at the Most UNexpected Times, in the Form of "SOMETHING" that wouldn't *normally* have come to mind!

So. We only went to TWO YARD-SALES Today. - The FIRST, just a Couple of Streets over... There were Several ITEMS of "Interest", however, a tad OVER-Priced for My *Continued*-INTEREST. -- At least *until*, I came across a Certain BOOK...

huh. -- I had no Idea that IT even "EXISTED"! Although, at $2., IT was a *bit* more than I would probably USUALLY "PAY"..? - *BUT*, there was NO Way that I could PASS on IT! To do so, would have likely TORN a HOLE into the "SPACE-TIME-CONTINUUM" or Whatever-ELSE *just* as "COSMIC"!

FATHER has a BIRTHDAY coming up in a Few Weeks...

I already have a GIFT "in mind", however, actually FINDING Said OBJECT could prove to be somewhat *Difficult*..? -- NO One really SELLS "THEM" any more..?!! -- Having a "BACK-UP" GIFT would be Good...

**THIS** BOOK, pretty much fulfilled THAT *Need*! -- yeah, yeah... I know! "WHAT" BOOK?!!

right. IT's on the "HISTORY" of *WHERE* He WORKED for over 30-Years. With Lots of Pics of FORMER-COLLEAGUES and FRIENDS... His "NAME" is even IN IT! -- Reason enough to Buy IT! -- And to think, IT was just a Few Blocks away for well over a Decade!!

Anyhoo, We decided to pop on over Back HOME again to Drop IT off to Him, before getting on with Our LONG Day of GROCERY-GETTING... And, other than the 25-Cent - rather COOL-Looking - ARTSY-ALPHABET-KIDS'-BOOK, the REST of the Day just WASN'T all *that* "Exciting"!

I'm "Supposing", that the YO-YO-COOL-WINDY-"..yeah. right. *GLOBAL-WARMING* - THAT's Happening!"-WEATHER contributed *Greatly*!

Meanwhile, FATHER spent MOST of His Day Enthralled by His "GIFT"!! -- Until, the HOCKEY GAME came ON anyway...


Friday, May 24, 2013

huh. well. THAT *Rarely* Happens...

I ACTUALLY GOT "STUFF" *DONE*!?! -- scary!

DESPITE... A Couple of Slight *CHANGES* of "PLANS"..?
  • FATHER "Decided" to do STUFF "Today", that I had Expected Him to do on MONDAY.
  • Hence, I Left LATER than I had Hoped to.
  • No Prob. - Was RAINING Earlier anyway. The SUN's OUT now!
  • BEGAN a Load of LAUNDRY as I awaited His Return...
  • Squeezed through the *PRE*-RUSH-HOUR-TRAFFIC to COSTCO.
  • Then, sat in The CAR to *Phone*-Order "Something" for a Next Week Pickup...
  • Ah! "LUNCH"-a-la-FOOD-SAMPLES...
  • *More* TRAFFIC INside!
  • Head to GROCERY-STORE for "THIS"-Week's *SPECIALS*...
  • wow! - Got EVERYTHING on My "LIST"!
  • Spent *more* Time *IN* Line! -- Oooo... Found a NICKEL!
  • I *Love* getting "PAID" to WAIT!
  • Especially, "when", I end up getting to THE BANK 15-Minutes *AFTER* CLOSING!
  • nuts! -- And, I had such GOOD "PARKING", too...
  • Got HOME *before* the Heavier RUSH-HOUR-TRAFFIC and DINNER.
  • Carefully "INSERTED" The CAR past BIG-D's VEHICLE into Garage.
  • UNLOADED... Lots of HEAVY Food-Items...
  • CYBER-Catch-Up...
  • MADE *more* of THESE!

  • Got THIS Done!


Thursday, May 23, 2013


WHERE - *IT* Will be...

WHAT - Wonderful "WANDS"
the WELL-WISHERS will be Wildly WAVING...

WALTZES on by in Her


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Breaking out the MEDICAL "Dictionary"...

DESPITE, SPENDING *MANY* YEARS "HANDLING" MEDICAL TOMES, it looks like I'm gonna have to Crack OPEN a MEDICAL-DICTIONARY to Figure-Out My NAGGING "SHOULDER"-Problem..? -- Lots of "-OSIS" AND "-ITIS" type WORDS going on...

BUT, NOT to Worry! "Apparently", there are NO *TEARS* or CRACKS or CHIPS or Anything ELSE that involves "Drastic"-Measures!! -- Just LOTS of "PHYSIO"... - [ugh!] - THAT, can actually be Done at the "CLINIC"-just-Down-the-STREET! - [yay!]

However, ALL of THAT has yet to be SORTED-OUT and "Scheduled" into the REST of EVERYONE ELSE's *LIVES* around HERE!!

MEANWHILE... IT was a bit of an Awkward-WEATHER Day... My First *CLUE*, was the SUDDEN-DOWNPOUR just Minutes *after* I had brought in the Morning-Newspaper! -- That slight "Rumbling"-Sound actually *was* THUNDER and NOT a Passing SCHOOL-BUS! - [Those Vehicles really are Loud around Here!] - Fortunately, IT was DONE well before I had to Leave for My Doctor's Appointment.

Seeing as I didn't partake of My *Usual* TOUR-de-TUESDAY, Yesterday, I opted instead, for a "WEDNESDAY-WANDER-ABOUT" later on... AFTER, taking care of an Errand for FATHER. Which, SAVED Me from *Considerable*-Most-PROBABLE-FUTURE-"Scheduling"-HASSLES!! -- Not to mention, Him likely getting LOST and then, have to Deal with the *somewhat*-NASTY-TOO-Tiny-Parking-Lot!?

Besides, the "TASK" was a NEW Experience for Me. And, took LESS Time to "Perform" THAN getting OUT of the Parking Lot!!

Anyhoo... ON to MICHAEL'S...

*NUTS*!! -- I FORGOT to bring My "SMART"-CAMERA!?!

I realized THIS, *just* as I was turning into TRAINYARDS! -- But, NOT a Problem, since I ended up NOT Buying ANYthing!! - I just spent *too* much Time "Chatting" with THE GIRLS...

pooh! - AMANDA is Moving OUT-of-Town later NEXT Month!! - Just around the Same Time that ANDREA will be going on "MATERNITY"... arrgghhh!! -- I'll have to spend the SUMMER "Breaking-In" the NEWER-PEOPLE now!

and. oh. look. IT's RAINING again!

Then STOPPED, by the Time I got to the Grocery Store... I had a Couple more Pop-IN-Perusals to make before heading HOME. -- JUST "in Time" for MORE RAIN!!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back to Building-Up "The INVENTORY"


That's the NICE Thing about My WASHCLOTHS, THEY are so "Mindless" to MAKE - for the most part... And, a Way to USE-UP Those ODD-LITTLE-LEFTOVER-BALLS of COTTON-YARN.

Well, I have an *EARLIER* Day ahead... So. I *MUST* also "TRY" to get to Bed *EARLIER*-ish!?! -- yeah... I ain't buying IT, either...


Monday, May 20, 2013



A YARD-SALE-SCAVENGE of BEACON HILL is *never* Complete without a VISIT to The SALLY-ANN at ITS Local MALL... The Place "where" MOST of What We might have previously *MISSED*, often ends up AT!

However, THAT Said, "PICKINGS" haven't really been all that *Special* of Late... I Suppose PEOPLE are beginning to "Hang-ON" to Their *COOL*-STUFF more! - As a Result, I only Found This CERAMIC "CHERRY"-PIE COVER for just 90-Cents!

Of My most Probable "VAST" Array of PLATTERS and Such, I'm sure that I *MUST* have a Proper-Sized PIE-PLATE that will "GO" with THIS..!? -- somewhere...

Anyway, at THAT Price and in CLEAN Condition, I *couldn't* Pass IT up! -- Besides, considering how *Allergic* I am to CHERRIES, This is probably as CLOSE as I'll *ever* be getting to CHERRY PIE again!

AFTERWARD, We had proceeded to FABRICLAND... MOTHER wanted to "Check-out" Their CLOSING-SALE...

THIS, absolutely Gorgeous *FEELING* 100% WOOL 1.45M REMNANT was just BEGGING to be *RESCUED* from beneath a Pile of Pathetic-POLYESTER!! -- I am completely
*dumbfounded* by the Thought that NO ONE Spotted IT?! - And, *especially* since IT was Priced SO *LOW*!?!


Originally-Priced at $15. per Meter, I got IT for $2.50 per. - With Taxes, ALL for just $4.10!!

The PIC really *doesn't* do IT *any* Justice. The Actual Colour is much Deeper. THIS is a "Heavy"-Quality SUITING FABRIC - just *Thick* enough to be Used as a THROW-BLANKET. -- Which, is "WHAT" I am going to DO with IT.

The SIZE is Perfect and so are the EDGES. All IT needs is a GOOD-Quality BORDER-TRIM put on and, IT's DONE!! -- On a LEATHER SOFA or CHAIR, THIS would be *STUNNING*!!

damn! -- I need to WIN a LOTTERY. Buy a Ginormous HOUSE with a Spacious LIBRARY/DEN for a Fabulous LEATHER SOFA. So, I can *cover* IT with THIS FABRIC-"BLANKET-GONNA-BE"!

hmm... *HOPE* that SISTER remembers to Buy a "POWERBALL"-Ticket while She's in VEGAS..?!!


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Got *Lucky* LOoKIng for "LOPI"!!


..So, AFTER Our "scavenge" Yesterday of the "FREE"-YARD-SALE - [SEE 18MAY2013 POST] - We came across a "REGULAR"-ONE... With LOTS of "Stuff"...

Oooo... An AMETHYST GLASS "ROSE" CANDLEHOLDER... Not that I plan on using IT as One. I just Love the GLASS! - And, *COLOUR*!!

oh. hey... Isn't that LITTLE-OLD-ASIAN-NEIGHBOUR helping to "Run" the SALE..?? - It IS...

She lives a Street Over from Us and is always Helping and "Hosting" YARD-SALES for Her FRIENDS. -- Actually, We've been to THIS PLACE *before*! -- She also "Shows-Up" at MANY of the SAME CRAFT SHOWS that We "DO"...

Anyway, I Spotted This BAG of PURPLE-BLUE "AUSTRALIAN MERINO" ROVING YARN in a Box, along with some Other COTTON-YARN that I was "Considering"...

BTW, This is a POST-Purchase-PIC!

Which, was the point *when* She began Her "Sales-PITCHING".

And, had THIS GINORMOUS BAG of YARN brought OUT!

-- For $20. the WHOLE THING could be "MINE"...

However, WHAT Interested Me *most* of ITS "Contents" were the - [BELOW]10-BALLS of *PEACOCK-TEAL* ICELANDIC "LOPI" WOOL!!

The BULK of the OTHER YARN was made up of THESE 3-PACKAGES of PATONS "CANADIANA" YARN -- 29-BALLS of "ACRYLIC" - [as well as a Few Other ODD-BALLS] - that I really DON'T Need, despite Their *still* Packaged Condition and Great COLOUR...

And, YES! - I *am* an Absolute *Total*

BUT, if *only* to KEEP LITTLE-OLD-"Let's-Make-A-Deal"-ASIAN-NEIGHBOUR "Happy", I Agreed to Accept the $20.-Price-Tagged *ENTIRE* BAG, *IF*, I could ALSO get the ROVING and GLASS-"ROSE" thrown IN..?!! -- Her YARD-SALE-FRIEND Confirmed the "DEAL"!

NOW, I just had to Figure-Out on *HOW* I was going to SNEAK that over 4-KILO BAG-of-YARN "into" the HOUSE, PAST FATHER!?! -- hmm... Perhaps, WHEN He's "Distracted" by MOTHER's SHINY-*FREE*-GLASS-STUFF..??

Anyhoo... I suppose that I'll have to do *something* with that 3-KILOS of ACRYLIC!
-- Although I would PREFER to "SELL" IT, I am also open to DONATING IT, if need be... And/or, MAKE "Something" IF I can Find the Time, and Donate "IT" or "THEM"..? -- We'll see...

MEANWHILE... "THE GANG" are *FINALLY* on Their WAY to **VEGAS**!! -- I had to Drive SISTER, BIG-D, 2-LARGE-SUITCASES, and PRINCESS-TEEN-of-*TALL* - [Wow! That GIRL has *GROWN*! - She's Taller than Me now!] - to the AIRPORT, Earlier...



Saturday, May 18, 2013

"Bargain"-JADED by **FREE** STUFF!!

A **FREE** YARD-SALE..??!! - hmm... Gonna be NO Space LEFT in My CAR, once MOTHER gets DONE!

right. so... IT's *THE* "PERFECT" Day OUT! - SUNNY. With, just the Pleasant-Proper-TEMPS! -- And of course, We LEFT the HOUSE *LATE*!! Nevertheless, We scooted on over to BEACON HILL with "hopes" that there might be *some* YARD-SALES still "OPEN"..?

ah! "SIGNS"!! -- But, WHY does *THAT*-One say "FREE"?? -- whatever... We whipped on over!

Only a couple of Tables remaining, HOWEVER, EVERYTHING on Them *was* actually FREE!! -- The RATHER-GENEROUS-FOLKS there were apparently doing some serious DOWN-sizing!

We took a LOOK around to "Assist" THEM in That-EFFORT and, to give THEIR *STUFF* a "GOOD-HOME"!

COOL! -- I've been Hoping to come across One of THESE! And, This GLASS CEILING-LAMP-SHADE really is an Older ONE! - IT still has the Original BRASS CHAINS - [these are actually in Backward so that They wouldn't slip out] - Although, THEY need to be Replaced, as I really wouldn't "trust" Their Condition to handle the GLASS-Weight any longer. Otherwise, the 12-Inch SHADE is in GREAT-Shape!!

I already have a Couple of Similar Textured-BOWLS in GREEN... Can't remember seeing One in YELLOW before... However, the SUNFLOWER Motif is quite Nice -- IT's almost a shame to actually put Anything INTO the BOWL to "cover" IT up!

And then, there was This Little CHINESE TEA-CUP... Just a cheap itty-bitty-Thing, but, IT *was* "BLUE & WHITE"... AND, oh yeah, *FREE*! - Besides, how could I say "no" to the Cool DRAGON on the Bottom?!

Anyhoo, MOTHER gathered a Bunch of OTHER Glassy ITEMS that I had passed on... And, also had Her Eye on a Small DESK..? - *Fortunately*, IT would NOT "FIT" into The CAR, thus, was subsequently, *SAVED* from being SUBJECTED to an UNworthy FATE on Our PORCH!!

EVENTUALLY, We took Our Now-"SPENDING"-*SPOILED*-Selves away to the NEXT "SALE"...

WHICH, I will Elaborate on TOMORROW! -- As, I *still* have to go THROUGH My PRIMARY-PURCHASE to Checkout exactly "WHAT" and how MUCH that I **GOT**!?! -- NOT to Worry though, IT was a GREAT-"DEAL", despite *not* being "FREE"!

ah. wait.. actually... IT *was* FREE, "for" Me anyway. MOTHER decided to "GIFT" Me IT!! - [YAY!!]

oh! And THEN, there's the OTHER-STUFF!! -- BUT, You'll have to COME BACK to SEE!!

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