Saturday, May 4, 2013

*BAD* AUNTIE-"BIG-FAN"!! -- I *Knew* that I'd Forgotten "SOMETHING"!!

    I think I'll Blame LITTLE-PRINCESS-BIG-RED for using Her "JEDI-*JUNIOR*-Mind-Tricks" on Me!!

SO. HARDCORE-*ALL*-Day-YARD-SALE-ing in *HOT*-Off-the-Charts-UV-WEATHER, whilst TRYING to keep MOTHER "On-Mission", can be somewhat Brain-DRAINING! -- I had *TOTALLY* Forgotten about that whole "MAY THE FOURTH" Thingy!!

ANYWAY... About Our ACQUISITIONS-"Actions"...


HOWEVER, since MOTHER was still taking *forever* to get OUT-the-Door, and I already had THE CAR out and had to *WAIT*, I decided to pop on over across the Street to *finally* Introduce Myself to Our NEWEST-NEIGHBOUR, Who had Bought MADAME-Q's House... She was doing *such* a FINE-Job of Washing Her SUV! -- I was "almost" Tempted to FOREGO Our Day and have Her *do* Ours!!

A Nice-CHEERY-Friendly-LADY. My Age-Group. And, a "CRAFTER", too! SCRAPBOOKING mostly, apparently... A bit of KNITTING, also... All "handy" Neighbourly-Traits.

Then, MOTHER appeared at last and We didn't end up LEAVING for another 15-Minutes!!

    So. A little TOUR-de-TREASURES-"TIP" -- If attending a "CHARITY"-RUMMAGE-SALE, showing up during the LAST Hour or Less, can Provide One with MUCH *BOOTY* for FEWer "Bucks"!! - As in, slightly Above "FREE"!! - Especially, IF Said EVENT is being Run by OLD-GUYS-Who-Don't-Want-To-Pack-Up-SO-Much-Again-Afterward-And-Want-To-Get-Home-IN-Time-For-The-Day's-HOCKEY-PLAYOFFS-GAME!!

As My Fingers FILLED with Frivolous-FINDINGS, I was Offered a "BOX" to hold THEM in... - [Remember My DENSE-PACKING "Abilities"..??] -- SO... WHEN The-OLD-GUYS *say* to

"..IGNORE the "STICKER"-Prices, We'll make a DEAL later..."

-- needless to be Told TWICE, I go into SEARCH-and-ACQUIRE Mode!!

As FRAMES go, THIS ONE is probably just a tad COUNTRY-"KITSCH" for My Tastes, but the Condition was Good, as well as the Wood. And, perhaps if IT were RE-Stained. Put in a NEEDLEPOINT..? -- Actually, One of THAT Same Picture would be "Interesting"...

whatever. SISTER might possibly have a Use for IT..? - I stuck IT *on* THE-BOX...

We don't have any Wine-Bottles, BUT, This RACK *is* a Nice SOLID Metal. Sort of "Modular" - [I'll have to keep an Eye-Out for More] - Would likely be Handy to hold Rolled-Up TOWELS..? Even, My SCARVES...

I continued to Peruse the Room, making numerous Trips to THE-BOX - [that was kinda being "Guarded" by One of the OLD-GUYS] - packing IT up with a Plethora of COULD-BE-USEFUL-TO-HAVE -AROUND-*JUST*-IN-CASE ITEMS and OTHER "TRINKETS"...

BTW, I ran *out* of Batteries for My CAMERA, so PICS of the OTHER-STUFF will *have to* WAIT! -- I'll *TRY* for Tomorrow.

Anyhoo, ONCE I was Done, that Vastly-Varied-*VAULT*-of-Valued-VOLUME, came in at a Whopping $5.!! -- After "ROUND-ONE" was stashed into the TRUNK, I went back IN to Check on MOTHER's Progress - via - a $1.50 "Fundraiser"-HOTDOG, of course...

seriously. You can't have a CHURCH-RUMMAGE-SALE run by OLD-GUYS on a SCORCHING-SUMMER-[This-Week]-SATURDAY, without a Couple of THEM on BARBECUE-*DUTY*!! -- THEY have to get Their "GRILLING"-Practice-HOURS done *Some* Time!!

Back INSIDE, I joined MOTHER in the FILLING of yet another BOX... And, BOOKS... And, some RACK Thingies... THAT "HAUL" - $2.

The TRUNK, was Now *OFFICIALLY*-FULL!! -- okay. NEW-Game-"RULE" - If IT *can't* FIT into the BACKSEAT-Area, We DON'T *Buy* IT!!

right. so. OFF, into the Bowels of BLACKBURN... Although first, there's a YARD-SALE set up in the Parking Lot of a Local STRIP-MALL... Adequate Parking. We'll give THEM a Looksee...

hmm... Not much... Though, that Pair of BIG-ROUND-BLUE-and-WHITE-LAMPS are TEMPTING..? BUT. Alas, I DEFINITELY have **NO** ROOM for THEM!! -- nuts... [BTW, I never did ask about the Price. Didn't want to hate Myself later!]

ahh... What's THAT, under all of that JUNK..?! - Oooo... TILE! Nice "SUBWAY"-WHITE TILE. - [Made in MEXICO] - *HUGE* TILE! - [12"x18"] - FIVE of THEM... *INTACT*! -- Got THE-KID down to $2. for the LOT!

I'm thinking that THESE would be Great to Use as a BACKSPLASH. And, "border" THEM with OTHER Smaller Tile...

Meanwhile, despite the HEAT, still Plenty of YARD-SALES left. BUT, Most just *didn't* have ANYthing that I really Wanted, or *NEEDED*. Not to mention, *many* of the Prices were on the HIGH-Side! -- I guess the CHURCH-SALE "Spoiled" Me somewhat!

We TROLLED for nearly 2-Hours! - MOTHER *wanted* to STAY Longer, however, We STILL had GROCERIES to *DO* and, I was in "WANT" of AIR-CONDITIONING! -- By This Point, I'm sure the Humidex was 30C-plus! The UV was pretty much set to "FRY"! And, don't GET Me started on the TREE-POLLEN-COUNT!!

Eventually, We made it to THE MALL! -- Where, We actually managed to Acquire Groceries BETWEEN running into the odd ACQUAINTANCES and, likely FUTURE-Ones as well...

ANOTHER "LONG-DAY" **DONE**!! -- I'll be "FEELING" IT, Tomorrow! ...AS, I *try* to Figure-OUT "WHERE" to PUT all of THIS STUFF!! -- FATHER was *Observing* My "multitude" of UNLOADING-Trips... Suspicious of My DUBIOUS-"COLLECTIVE"-*CARGO*!



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